Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wrapping/Rocking - Painted Bride, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - May 23, 1987

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Well, this was on my first national tour.  THE PAINTED BRIDE is one of the biggest, the most mainstream theatres I have ever played in!  They only booked me because FRANKLIN FURNACE in N.Y.C. booked me.  They were extremely nervous.  But beautiful lighting!  I blocked off the seating and had the audience sit on the huge stage.  The local cast was great, especially when the theater [which got them for me] hadn't told them nudity and eroticism were involved.

Check out the discussion with the audience at the end.  One guy accused me of using unfair tactics by using my naked body [disabled] in my performance...  It was a cheap trick going for shock value, according to him.  Laughing, I replied I LIKE SHOCK VALUE, THE CHEAPPER THE BETTER!  Of course the guy maybe was having a jealous reaction because during the performance his girlfriend cuddled nude me in her lap.
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