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A poem by Frank Moore
Read by Edna Floretta
Art/Animation by Michael LaBash
Music by Sander Roscoe Wolff
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A segment from the web video series LET ME BE FRANK, Episode 10, “Theater of Melting”
Website for the series:
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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Episode 4 - Gross To Grace - How To Handle An Anthropologist

From the soon-to-be-published book, How To Handle An Anthropologist.
True stories, as told to Russell Shuttleworth PhD, from the life of shaman, performance artist, writer, poet, painter, rock singer, director, TV show host, teacher & bon vivant FRANK MOORE.

This ongoing animated segment was created for the web series, "Let Me Be Frank":

Frank Moore by Linda Mac
Russell Shuttleworth by himself

Opening title music:
“Special Rate Sherry”
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”

“Gross to Grace” background music:
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”

“Gross To Grace” appears in Episode 10 “Theater of Human Melting” of “Let Me Be Frank”:

How To Handle An Anthropologist album:

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Episode 10 - Theater of Human Melting - Let Me Be Frank

"Art Of A Shaman" Chapter 10 text:

Follow the Let Me Be Frank Channel:

Readings by:
Paul Couillard and Edna Floretta

(in order of appearance)

“Warning” music:
Piano by Frank Moore.
An excerpt from a live performance,
“Sing Along, Jam Along, Play Along, Dance Along,
Rub Along, Move Along with Frank Moore”
for Leslie Baker's Salon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada via Skype
Recorded March 10, 2012

“Let Me Be Frank” (the song)
written, arranged, performed and produced by
Vinnie Spit Santino
recorded, mixed and mastered at Vinali Creative Group, Van Nuys, CA by
Vinnie Spit Santino
Vinnie Spit Santino - lead vocals, all guitars, bass
Frank Moore - vocals on bridge
Rebecca Kyler Downs - backing vocals and all harmonies
Gary Ponder - drums
Drake Peterson - trumpet
Tony Rinaldi - trombone

Chapter title animation music:
by Michael LaBash

Chapter background music:
excerpt from “I Can See The Sky”
by Sander Roscoe Wolff

Transition/Paul Couillard bio music:
“Lisa, Get Away From That Jazz Man”
music by Vinnie Spit Santino's Ensemble Abstract Band

“How To Handle An Anthropologist - Gross to Grace”
Frank Moore by Linda Mac
Russell Shuttleworth by himself
Opening title music:
“Special Rate Sherry”
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”
“Gross to Grace” background music:
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”

“Fuse” background music:
by Sander Roscoe Wolff

Closing credits music:
“Fresh Dog”
written and performed by The Visitations
from Athens, Georgia
recorded live on Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den
September 15, 2008

“To Be Free”
written and performed by Tha Archivez
Longhorn Entertainment

Photos by:
Jim Appleton
Ken Jennings
Tracy Kauffman-Wood
Eric Kroll
Michael LaBash
Daniel Lorenze
Linda Mac
Alexi Malenky
Debbie Moore
Kevin Rice
David Steinberg
Mary Sullivan

Illustrations by:
Lee Kay
Michael LaBash
Frank Moore
Justin Page
John Seabury

Additional footage:
Dave Swan’s Dog House
Betty Boop: “Minnie The Moocher” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]
Betty Boop: “I Heared” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]
Three Stooges: “Disorder In The Court” [Public Domain]

Editing, Animation, and Titles:
Michael LaBash

Produced by
Linda Mac & Michael LaBash

Directed by
Frank Moore

Thanks to all of the readers so far ...
Tha Archivez
Kenneth Atchley
Dr. Susan Block
Paul Couillard
Steve Davis
Stephen Emanuel
Paul Escriva
  Edna Floretta
Barbara Golden
Fred Hatt
John the Baker
Dr. Richard Kerbavaz
Michael LaBash
Kirk Lumpkin
Linda Mac
Alexi Malenky
Jake McGee
Kayla Moon
Corey Nicholl
Carl Off
Vinnie Spit Santino
Erika Shaver-Nelson
Russell Shuttleworth
Linda Carmella Sibio
Gerald Smith
Megan Soriano
Annie Sprinkle
David Steinberg
Veronica Vera
Martha Wilson

And thanks to all of the musicians who have created and contributed music for this project so far …
K. Atchley
Stephen Emanuel
Father of Skins
Barbara Golden
Phog Masheeen
Vinnie Spit Santino
Sander Roscoe Wolff
Jerome T. Youngman (Mutant Press)

Thanks to Vinnie Spit Santino for the title!

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Deep Core Magic #94

Recorded April 22, 2005
“Exploring with Erika” Part 2
More episodes:

Tallulah Bankheist - Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den

Hooker activist. Recorded August 18, 2002.
More episodes at the Frank Moore's Shaman's Den Channel:

Saturday, December 23, 2017

History Happy Hour at TAC 20th Anniversary

Recorded October 17, 2017 at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

We were invited to do a short presentation about Frank's five years of doing a monthly performance at Temescal Art Center as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations.

There is a real hunger for Frank's words / stories. We ended up answering questions / telling stories and we read Frank's piece about fragmentation. Frank's words were so strong and spoke to everyone. One woman asked if we would read it again so she could record the reading to post it. Keith Wilson filmed our presentation for us.

This East Bay Express article is about the event that we were part of:

From the article:
Linda Mac, partner of the late artist provocateur Frank Moore, whose nude "eroplay" events inflamed censors for decades, said that Moore referred to TAC as his "performance home."

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Frank Moore Experience, The Pain Factory, 1996

1996 Pain Factory TV Cable show, San Francisco, CA June 30, 1996

From Frank, Wednesday, June 26, 1996:
That’s right, this Sunday you in San Fran can turn on THE PAIN FACTORY at 8:00 PM on CITY VISI ONS CHANNEL 53 and see a 90-minute live happening that they are calling LIVE MANIFESTATIONS OF VISUAL EXORCISMS featuring GLASS CRASH,  SCOTT ARFORD, and  something they are calling THE FRANK MOORE EXPERIENCE.

Frank's write-up, Wednesday, July 03, 1996:
Now for the t.v. show…THE PAIN FACTORY is Michael Contreras’ baby. I can’t say enough about Michael…he is one of those hard-working visionaries who put everything into making the 90-minute over-the-edge show. And he had a great crew….except one asshole, the sound guy, who screwed us all…or tried to…but failed because  everybody just jammed  together! Sound [and lighting] people can be either sweethearts or assholes. The assholes usually have a thing about crips singing [I rarely run into crip discrimination in real life…except sound assholes!]

The 13 of us showed up 2 hours [or more] before the show to set up, make-up, prepare…and to do a sound check. After the band had set up, the guy told me we would do the check during the 20 minute video before our live set. I took him at his word…not knowing he was a lying asshole. So when the tape was on, we got in position…

Now we had a great mix of people in a wide-range…from beginning  musicians to professional music artists…from a 21  year old to a 59 year old. There was:
    my son Ki-Lin Reese on lead guitar
    Kenneth Atchley on noise guitar
    Barb Golden and Corey Nicholl on keyboards
    Dave  Mihaly and Debi Bevilacqua on drums
    me doing vocals
    Beatriz  Ferrer as a sexy  photographer
    Linda Mac as the evil woman dressed only in black net
    Peter McCarron and Alexi Malenky as the nude monsters

So there we are on stage, waiting for our sound check…asshole chatting in the corner, while LaBash is  waiting to balance the sound with him…the floor manager starts counting down…I figured  there will be no sound check…we are on the air but we can’t hear our tape. We start jamming. My mike ain’t on…LaBash ran into the control room and Michael C. grabbed the controls. Midway through the set, my mike came alive.

Meanwhile the band was jamming up a storm. Linda had her monsters attack Debi, drag her off the stage, rip her  open, and eat her insides. I would have liked to see more of her body, but the monsters couldn’t rip off her dress because they were fighting back from puking from the ragu and pig guts [just puke, but get the dress ripped off!] Then…as Debi, Linda, and the monsters danced together in the gore…Michael C. kept extending the jam until the end of the show…the band was that good!

And everybody knew who the asshole was! But in the end, art won out!

Btw, on his next show, Michael C. is running my tape of a nude human hot fudge sundae!

Video courtesy of The Pain Factory and Channel 53 CityVisions.
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