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The Union Of Erotic Passions [AUDIENCE CAMERA]

Cherry Lounge, San Francisco, California, September 5, 2004

Well, this gig got us blacklisted from the San Francisco punk scene.  It was apparently that hot!  See for yourself! 

Below is what I wrote at the time:

Apparently there was a controversy around our appearance. On RAMPAGE RADIO (the hard core all-night show hosted by Dirty Dave, Boom, and Bob) on KUSF early Sunday morning a "management" guy from CHERRY said "Frank Moore will not be nude at THE CHERRY" ... or some such nonsense. The fates prevented me from knowing about this until we got there ... LUVeR couldn't carry the show because their stream was down ... then Bob couldn't reach us to warn us because our phone was out. So I enter the club not loaded for bear. Hey, when Boom booked us, he told the lesbian owner what we do, and she said it was all cool. So I'm not clear about the power dynamics. But, although everyone was nice, there was a definite vibe that the whole hard core scene (not just us) were freaks from the wrong side of the tracks. Hey, we "queered the place," to use a term that our lesbian neighbor is fond of ... it was a night of TRANSFORMATIVE TRANGRESSION!

All through the night Bob kept muttering about what happened on RAMPAGE...but he always mutters like Popeye. So it wasn't until in the set of FLUFF GRRL(YMAN) ... which was their most powerful set I have seen ... that Bob in/as a song outlined what happened ... and that he bets that they wouldn't be able to stop Frank Moore! So what choice did I have?

When I had my clothes off, Boom gave us the official NO-NUDITY word ... that absurd duty over with, Boom half-jokingly (or was it quarter-jokingly?) said "well, no penetration then!" To that, Anne Madigan asked if that meant that she couldn't stick her finger in my ear. And I don't know if Bob's sucking / blowing my cock as a flute violated this no-penetration rule. Bob didn't do much of that Sunday night. He said that was because my balls were sweaty. That has never stopped him before! It was the first FLUFF GRRL gig I've seen that Bob didn't drop his pants and set fire to his pubes. Was it because of the threatened limiting vibes? I don't know. Did the nude explicit sweaty orgasmic rubbing rocking erotic dance Linda and I did together violate the no-penetration rule? I won't tell! That's what the slow motion and zoom buttons on your player are for! But a lot of what we do in bars is breaking actual laws covering venues serving liquor.and not just penetration. Of course in the 30+ years that we have been "transgressing" in clubs, there has not been a single raid, etc. (DARN!) But the club should be committed to the risky art presented. I talked to Boom tonight.and he assured me that CHERRY wants the scene there and has no problem with what we did. Notwithstanding what I wrote above. I hope he's right!

I started the set singing alone on the floor I AM WOMAN. Hey, CHERRY was supposed to be a lesbian bar. Then Bob did the skin flute on me as the rest of the band took their positions. I heard a real flute. It wasn't Bob, but Erika in an open robe. She was prevented from erotic dancing by an evil case of poison oak. Only half of the band, numbering 15 members, could fit on the stage. So the other half spilled on to the floor on either side of me. After Bob had his way with me, I turned around to face toward the band, creating a communal ritual circle. Musically and erotically it got sweaty fast, people playing off, feeding off, of one another, changing instruments, doing vocals, becoming a molten musical mass. We had all of FLUFF GRRL plus Anne, the bass player and the lead singer of Violent Discharge (the second band of the night) who poured blood on me! Andy brought his Sousaphone and his guitarist friend Joel to be in the stew. Topless Dr. Gruve blew himself and his harp into one giant sweat bead trance of bliss, followed close behind by the madman Michael Peppe.

Things kept being melting down to bluesy intimate touch moan exchange for about an hour. It was the deepest into the musical unknown we have ventured into in our jamming.



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Deep Core Magic #93

Recorded April 22, 2005
“Exploring with Erika” Part 1
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I Got You Babe

A segment from the web video series LET ME BE FRANK, Episode 8, “Art Of Risking”.
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Footage from:

Sonny Bono Plays Dwinelle - University of California, Berkeley

The Art Outlaws

Frank Moore’s Cabinet Of Dreams – L.A.C.E.

Inner Travelling - Northwest Artists Workshop,
Portland, Oregon, Feb. 18, 1989

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Make Room For Big Daddy [AUDIENCE CAMERA]

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band, Kimo's, San Francisco, California, June 20, 2004 (Father's Day)

The set started off with me sitting alone nude on stage singing Fuck the War! Well, not quite alone…the Golem creature Fluff Grrl’s Bob was sitting on stage with me nude cross-legged, playing a toy whistle … and then confusing my cock for the whistle! It’s great theatre! But ever try singing a heavy emotional/political song with a guy blowing into your cock and balls with a mic press intimately to capture the sounds? I live for those performance challenges! Then I sang the Hank Williams’ song, "Move over, Little Dog" … singing to Bob, roughing him up, it becoming a surreal slapstick act.

Then the band slowly piled onto the stage … first, Linda, Kirsten, and Erika joined me in forming a pleasure skin cave of bodies of skin and cloth hiding nothing, moaning into smallness, rubbing faces, rubbing sex, pulling away from the madness of isolation and separations. This was the quiet core of the wall of reality- ripping musical possibilities. The blasting volume was set by Barney’s Theremin. Dr. O. on another keyboard created an emotional base under a giant madhatter’s hat. Jen Neuber, sitting cross-legged in ripped-up fishnets, high-slit skirt, and an indescribable something around her tits held together by dental floss playing a punky/funky sitar. Don (who was the sound guy at Liquid Den in Huntington Beach the last time we played there) played nasty licks dripping with lust on his guitar. Dr. Gruve … obviously fully recovered from his terrible accident … matched and raised this nasty raunch, blowing his brains out on his harp, jumping out of his skin from pure joy. I vocally floated on this wave of sexy fusion as the three wenches erotically “got” each member of the jam who was very eager to be gotten! We were in this raw trance for an hour!

And now I have to write about last night’s jam ( which took everything to a new dimension! My work is never done!

Make Room For Big Daddy [ON-STAGE CAMERA]:

Photos and more:

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How Linda Met Frank

Thumbnail photograph by David Steinberg
A segment from the web video series LET ME BE FRANK, Episode 8, “Art Of Risking”.
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Episode 3 - Hollywood Calls - How To Handle An Anthropologist.

From the soon-to-be-published book, How To Handle An Anthropologist.
True stories, as told to Russell Shuttleworth PhD, from the life of shaman, performance artist, writer, poet, painter, rock singer, director, TV show host, teacher & bon vivant FRANK MOORE.

This ongoing animated segment was created for the web series, "Let Me Be Frank":

Frank Moore by Linda Mac
Russell Shuttleworth by himself

Opening title music:
“Special Rate Sherry”
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”

“Hollywood Calls” background music
“Hey Fuzzy Face”
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”

“Hollywood Calls” appears in Episode 8 “Art Of Risking” of “Let Me Be Frank”:

Episode 9 - Time, Community, Inter-Relations - Let Me Be Frank

Thumbnail photo by Kevin Rice

"Art Of A Shaman" Chapter 9 text:

Follow the Let Me Be Frank Channel:

Readings by:
Richard Kerbavaz and John the Baker

(in order of appearance)

“Fuck the Fascist USA”
written by John the Baker
performed by John the Baker and Frank Moore
recorded at The Fuck The War Ball
November 17, 2001
Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California

“Warning” music:
Piano by Frank Moore.
An excerpt from a live performance,
“Sing Along, Jam Along, Play Along, Dance Along,
Rub Along, Move Along with Frank Moore”
for Leslie Baker's Salon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada via Skype
Recorded March 10, 2012

“Let Me Be Frank” (the song)
written, arranged, performed and produced by
Vinnie Spit Santino
recorded, mixed and mastered at Vinali Creative Group, Van Nuys, CA by
Vinnie Spit Santino

Vinnie Spit Santino - lead vocals, all guitars, bass
Frank Moore - vocals on bridge
Rebecca Kyler Downs - backing vocals and all harmonies
Gary Ponder - drums
Drake Peterson - trumpet
Tony Rinaldi - trombone

Chapter title animation music:
by Michael LaBash

Chapter background music:
by Sander Roscoe Wolff

Transition/Richard Kerbavaz and John the Baker bios music:
“Hamburger Hell”
by Fluff Grrl

“Crack Baby”
written by John the Baker
performed by John the Baker and Frank Moore
recorded live on Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den
March 25, 2007

Closing credits music:
“See You Around”
written by Jonathan Kochmer & Sarah Scott
performed by Two Loons For Tea
recorded live on Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den
August 26, 2006

“To Be Free”
written and performed by Tha Archivez
Longhorn Entertainment

Photos by:
Jim Appleton
Ken Jennings
Tracy Kauffman-Wood
Eric Kroll
Michael LaBash
Daniel Lorenze
Linda Mac
Alexi Malenky
Debbie Moore
Kevin Rice
David Steinberg
Mary Sullivan

Illustration/Artwork by:
Lee Kay
Michael LaBash
Frank Moore
Justin Page
John Seabury

Additional footage:
Dave Swan’s Dog House
Betty Boop: “Minnie The Moocher” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]
Betty Boop: “I Heared” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]
Three Stooges: “Disorder In The Court” [Public Domain]
“RFD Greenwich Village” : Prelinger Archives

Editing, Animation, and Title Design:
Michael LaBash

Produced by
Linda Mac & Michael LaBash

Directed by
Frank Moore

Thanks to all of the readers so far ...
Tha Archivez
Kenneth Atchley
Dr. Susan Block
Paul Couillard
Steve Davis
Stephen Emanuel
Paul Escriva
Edna Floretta
Barbara Golden
Fred Hatt
John the Baker
Dr. Richard Kerbavaz
Michael LaBash
Kirk Lumpkin
Linda Mac
Alexi Malenky
Jake McGee
Kayla Moon
Corey Nicholl
Carl Off
Vinnie Spit Santino
Erika Shaver-Nelson
Russell Shuttleworth
Linda Carmella Sibio
Gerald Smith
Megan Soriano
Annie Sprinkle
David Steinberg
Veronica Vera
Martha Wilson

And thanks to all of the musicians who have created and contributed music for this project so far …
K. Atchley
Stephen Emanuel
Father of Skins
Barbara Golden
Phog Masheeen
Vinnie Spit Santino
Sander Roscoe Wolff
Jerome T. Youngman (Mutant Press)

Thanks to Vinnie Spit Santino for the title!
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