Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Touching Affair

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UCB Series, November 6, 1984, University Of California, Berkeley.

Well this is one of my favorite performances I have done.  Basically it is Harpo Marx seduces Barbara Stanwick or Bette Davis into going all the way.  To cut through her smart ironical one liners I used [instead of a honking horn] the clicks, whinings, and whirlings of my motor wheelchair.  She may have been the only audience member that night [not counting the janitors who kept sweeping outside of the curtain on the door so they could peek in (the janitors would become recognized experts /fans of my performances over the next three years)].  Or she may have been a plant /actress.  YOU WILL NEVER KNOW FOR SURE!  But this is true: at the time she was the Director of Women's studies at the University of California Berkeley!
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