Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Extreme Elvis "Love Me Chicken Tenders" - feat. Frank Moore - Dadafest 2001, San Francisco, California, July 6, 2001

Why do I pop up in cameo roles in others' pieces involving animals and which became historical /controversial?  In the eighties I was in THE FEEDERZ DEAD CAT /DOG gig!  And now this EXTREME ELVIS chicken act!  Although I got E.  E.  this gig in THE DADA FEST, I first actually physically met him backstage before the show.  Before I had seen his online videos of him pissing and shitting on his audience members and we emailed each other.  He asked me backstage if I would be the translator for his act.  He wanted to tell me something about his act.  But I stopped him, because my knowing would block everything!  So when the feathers instead of shit began to fly, I just continued my Dizzy Dean [look him up!] impersonation.
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