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Make Room For Big Daddy [ON-STAGE CAMERA]

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Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band, Kimo's, San Francisco, California, June 20, 2004 (Father's Day)

The set started off with me sitting alone nude on stage singing Fuck the War! Well, not quite alone…the Golem creature Fluff Grrl’s Bob was sitting on stage with me nude cross-legged, playing a toy whistle … and then confusing my cock for the whistle! It’s great theatre! But ever try singing a heavy emotional/political song with a guy blowing into your cock and balls with a mic press intimately to capture the sounds? I live for those performance challenges! Then I sang the Hank Williams’ song, "Move over, Little Dog" … singing to Bob, roughing him up, it becoming a surreal slapstick act.

Then the band slowly piled onto the stage … first, Linda, Kirsten, and Erika joined me in forming a pleasure skin cave of bodies of skin and cloth hiding nothing, moaning into smallness, rubbing faces, rubbing sex, pulling away from the madness of isolation and separations. This was the quiet core of the wall of reality- ripping musical possibilities. The blasting volume was set by Barney’s Theremin. Dr. O. on another keyboard created an emotional base under a giant madhatter’s hat. Jen Neuber, sitting cross-legged in ripped-up fishnets, high-slit skirt, and an indescribable something around her tits held together by dental floss playing a punky/funky sitar. Don (who was the sound guy at Liquid Den in Huntington Beach the last time we played there) played nasty licks dripping with lust on his guitar. Dr. Gruve … obviously fully recovered from his terrible accident … matched and raised this nasty raunch, blowing his brains out on his harp, jumping out of his skin from pure joy. I vocally floated on this wave of sexy fusion as the three wenches erotically “got” each member of the jam who was very eager to be gotten! We were in this raw trance for an hour!

And now I have to write about last night’s jam which took everything to a new dimension! My work is never done!

The Cherotic All-Star Band:
Bob Madigan
Michael Peppe
Don (guitar)
Dr. O
Jen Neuber (sitar)
Dr. Gruve (harmonica)
Jonathan Dyer (sax)
Barney (Theremin)
D Jellybrain’s Female Sax Player/vocalist
D Jellybrain’s Bass Player

Make Room For Big Daddy [AUDIENCE CAMERA]:

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