Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exploring The Taboos Of Intimate Fun - October 15, 2011

Recorded at the Center For Sex and Culture, San Francisco, California.

The audience for this one was sweet [both genders, even the two street stand-up comedians].  They were basically ready to go deep into their dreams of how things should be.  Some of them were already focused on doing this in their regular lives, especially the three who are in an art collective together.  So it was relatively easy to get the tribal intimacy to the surface.  This was further lubricated by the music by Tomek and the general open environment of THE CENTER FOR SEX AND CULTURE. There was even the deaf mute who has come to my performances several times before.  He tends to root everything.    But when we were preparing to go into physical rituals of intimacy, a guy released the virus of fear basically to call attention to himself and to sabotage things, as he admitted later.  He took the mic and said he would not take his clothes off because of the video camera.  Of course he has been coming to my performances for years, all of which were videod.  Moreover I had an audience member undress the camera guy among other things to draw attention to the fact that he was videoing the performance.  Although some people caught the virus and joined the band, the tribal body didn’t let the virus sidetrack the deepening joyful intimacy.  This was especially true for one of the three from the art collective who rocked on my lap juicy human warmth without limits arousing pleasure prickly rubbing bodies together flowing into Linda smoothly becoming one body.  So I would say we defeated fear at this performance!  And what more can you ask of a performance?
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