Monday, November 23, 2015

Beyond Erotic - Café International, San Francisco

Recorded January 24, 1997 at Café International, San Francisco, California.
Featuring readings by Barb Golden and Frank Moore & Linda Mac with music by Kenneth Atchley.
Includes a reading of the prose poem, Out Of Isolation by Frank Moore upon which the video is based

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade and Festival 2007

Recorded September 39, 2007

Yesterday, as a part of our presidential campaign’s enough tour, we were in the how Berkeley Can you Be parade. It turned out to be one of the most effective pieces I have ever done. It was sheer fun! Below are the write-ups of it by Erika, and Corey and Alexi [A.K.A., Da Boyz] to flesh out the details. But it was amazing to see Dr. Richard Kerbavaz…now just “Rich”…my ear doctor of 20+ years outside helping Erika decorate our cars before we headed off to the parade…amazing that Carl L. who is building next door to us [he owns about half of our neighborhood and we had fiery battles with him for years], stopped working so that he could drive one of cars in the parade [Rich drove the other]…amazing that Carl Bryant, a labor activist, manned our booth in the park for hours until the parade had reached the park. What is amazing is the quality and the range of people that this campaign is bringing together!

The whole day blew me out. Linda and Mikee took turns pushing my chair close to the lines of people along the parade route so I could shake hands, look into people’s eyes, hear their responses, interact one on one…all of which would have been impossible if I sat on a truck. I was moved when people thanked me for running, when whole sections started clapping and chanting “GO, FRANK, GO!” Erika, Corey, Alexi, and sometimes Linda or Mikee gave out over 1,200 copies of the platform. And people didn’t throw it away as is common, but started reading it, shouting out planks they were moved by. I can see that “pressing the flesh” can be addicting! And a lot of people are devoted viewers of the public access shows of Suzy and mine.  “I WATCH YOU EVERY NIGHT!”  “WE TIVO YOU!”  “I LEARN FROM WATCHING YOUR SHOWS!”

Camping out in our beautiful booth…designed by Erika and set up by Da Boyz…was only slightly less intense. People got the tribal body that the 6 of us [Linda, Mikee, Erika, Da Boyz, and me] are together!

Read more & see photos here:

Deep Core Magic #79

Jen Wilson: “Vivid Fusion – Explicit Work” pt. 1
More episodes:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Frank Head Shave

Recorded July 6, 2002

We were on our way to Los Angeles to show our movie FEISTO at a film festival so Frank was getting shaved to be in character! Lob also booked us to perform at Liquid Den in Huntington Beach and Suzy had us as guests on her show! See more about the L.A. tour:

And in September we went to New York to show FEISTO at the New York showing of that festival and did a bunch of amazing things. See more about the New York tour:

How To Handle An Anthropologist, Session 9

Recorded October 31, 1997

In 1997 Frank was contacted by Russell Shuttleworth, a then University of California, Berkeley, graduate student,  working on his Master’s Thesis, which was a research study to help understand how men with moderate to severe cerebral palsy experience and interpret their search for intimacy and sexual relationships in the face of significant social and cultural barriers or as Frank called it, "The Sexual Practices of Bay Area Men with Cerebral Palsy"!!! He wanted to interview Frank for this thesis. That interview quickly segued into 12 years of him interviewing Frank about Frank's life. Meanwhile, Frank encouraged Russell to live his dreams which resulted in Russell aka Dr. Gruve, djing a show on our LUVeR internet radio station for years and playing the harmonica in Frank's Cherotic All-Star Band for many years. They did 88 interviews in all, even continuing via Skype when Russell moved to Australia to teach there. Russell is now a Medical Anthropologist PhD and a member of the faculty at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria Australia. We have the first twelve of these sessions on videotape. We are in the process of transcribing and editing all of the interviews into a book that Frank named "How to Handle an Anthropologist".

Frank & Med-O

Recorded January 2, 1996
Frank & Med-O jam at our house. Linda joins Frank for a Sonny and Cher song. Frank also sings some of his hits.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Linda Head Shaving

Recorded June 22, 2001

Haircut & Shave

Recorded June 5, 2002
Frank gets a haircut and shave in preparation for his performance as Extreme Elvis at the Stork Club.
See the performance here:
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