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Episode 11 - Workshop of Demands - Let Me Be Frank

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"Art Of A Shaman" Chapter 11 text:

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Readings by:
Russell Shuttleworth, Linda Mac & Edna Floretta

(in order of appearance)

“How To Handle An Anthropologist -
The Beginning of the Outrageous Period”
Frank Moore by Linda Mac
Russell Shuttleworth by himself
Opening title music:
“Special Rate Sherry”
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”
“The Beginning of the Outrageous Period” background music:
“The Chocolate Trombone”
written, arranged and produced by Vinnie Spit Santino
from the album, “At War With Nature”
(Frank’s T-shirt art by John Seabury)

“Warning” music:
Piano by Frank Moore.
An excerpt from a live performance,
“Sing Along, Jam Along, Play Along, Dance Along,
Rub Along, Move Along with Frank Moore”
for Leslie Baker's Salon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada via Skype
Recorded March 10, 2012

“Let Me Be Frank” (the song)
written, arranged, performed and produced by
Vinnie Spit Santino
recorded, mixed and mastered at Vinali Creative Group, Van Nuys, CA by
Vinnie Spit Santino
Vinnie Spit Santino - lead vocals, all guitars, bass
Frank Moore - vocals on bridge
Rebecca Kyler Downs - backing vocals and all harmonies
Gary Ponder - drums
Drake Peterson - trumpet
Tony Rinaldi - trombone

Chapter title animation music:
“The Blues Chaos”
recorded live on Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den
September 25, 2005
Frank Moore, Erika Shaver-Nelson, Dr. Gruve (Russell Shuttleworth), Michael Peppe and Tomek Von Schachtmayer

Chapter background music:
By Michael LaBash

Transition/Russell Shuttleworth bio music:
By Dr. Gruve (Russell Shuttleworth)

Linda Mac bio music:
“The All-Star Jam”
recorded live on Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den
December 12, 2004
Frank Moore, Erika Shaver-Nelson, Dr. O, Dr. Gruve (Russell Shuttleworth), Andrew Poisoner!, Geoff Walker, Keith Adams and Michael Peppe

“An Open Letter to Senator Jesse Helms” background music:
by Jerome T. Youngman (Mutant Press)

Closing credits music:
The Family Curse
from Seattle, Washington
recorded live on Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den
October 12, 2009

“To Be Free”
written and performed by Tha Archivez
Longhorn Entertainment

Photos by:
Jim Appleton
Ken Jennings
Tracy Kauffman-Wood
Eric Kroll
Michael LaBash
Daniel Lorenze
Linda Mac
Alexi Malenky
Debbie Moore
Dave Patrick
Kevin Rice
David Steinberg
Mary Sullivan

Illustrations by:
Lee Kay
Michael LaBash
Frank Moore
Justin Page
John Seabury

Additional footage:
Dave Swan’s Dog House
Betty Boop: “Minnie The Moocher” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]
Betty Boop: “I Heared” by Max Fleischer [Public Domain]
Three Stooges: “Disorder In The Court” [Public Domain]

Editing, Animation, and Titles:
Michael LaBash

Produced by
Linda Mac & Michael LaBash

Directed by
Frank Moore

Thanks to all of the readers so far ...
Tha Archivez
Kenneth Atchley
Dr. Susan Block
Paul Couillard
Steve Davis
Stephen Emanuel
Paul Escriva
Edna Floretta
Barbara Golden
Fred Hatt
John the Baker
Dr. Richard Kerbavaz
Michael LaBash
Kirk Lumpkin
Linda Mac
Alexi Malenky
Jake McGee
Kayla Moon
Corey Nicholl
Carl Off
Vinnie Spit Santino
Erika Shaver-Nelson
Russell Shuttleworth
Linda Carmella Sibio
Gerald Smith
Megan Soriano
Annie Sprinkle
David Steinberg
Veronica Vera
Martha Wilson

And thanks to all of the musicians who have created and contributed music for this project so far …
K. Atchley
Stephen Emanuel
Father of Skins
Barbara Golden
Phog Masheeen
Vinnie Spit Santino
Sander Roscoe Wolff
Jerome T. Youngman (Mutant Press)

Thanks to Vinnie Spit Santino for the title!

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A Midsummers Night Freakout [AUDIENCE CAMERA]

The video will open in a new window/tab.
You can also download the video here (mp4, 1.4 GB):

Recorded at The Space, Sacramento, California, July 15, 2006.

SPACE is a great little theater with bleacher seating. Lob put the show, A MIDSUMMERS NIGHT FREAK OUT, together. Lob and I have been doing things together for over 8 years. The night started rather peacefully, rather calmly, with Instagon playing jazzy trances. Like my band, Instagon is never the same line-up and never rehearsed together. This time Instagon was Lob on bass, Steve on guitar, Jim of The Shenanigoats on drums, Danny on trumpet, and another guy on the didgeridoo. Except for the didgeridoo-er, the rest would join my band for the night. When all was peaceful, BOTCHII messed it all up, blasting ultra-high energy punky noise assault. They are a trio of guitarist Tom Skowronskif and drummer Matthew “Lobster” Graybiel and Kevin Meecrob on pedals. They were simply mind-blowing great! Lobster would join The Cherotic All-Stars later, trading his drums for a mean guitar. Then after Botchii, a scary bunch of weirdos started setting up huge steel drums, power saws, giant puppets, etc. I smelled fresh danger of destruction. So I asked a member of UBERKUNST if we were safe sitting in the front row. We moved to the side! And Erika still got wounded in the chest by a flying shard of vinyl from Mary Martin’s South Pacific! UBERKUNST bills itself as “offensive fun, experimental music, noise ?music?, huge clumsy amateur theatrics and the scariest 13 person band on the planet.” Basically they presented your post-apocalyptic world where evil robots butt-rape and then disembowel humans (the disemboweling was rather whimpy!) … leading to a total chaotic destruction with a lot of banging, bashing, power saws grinding on metal drums, creating red hot showers of sparks. At the end everything was in ruin! Wendy O Williams would have been proud! From UBERKUNST, the “filthy bass” of Dire Deparra would join The Cherotic All-Stars’ jam!

So I had my work cut out for me! By Lob creating a brilliant line-up, he was forcing us to stretch, expand … take the night into soft, intimate, erotic trances … which is the opposite of UBERKUNST … but building on what had been created through out the night. To start I sat nude under strobes and slides, doing an emotional vocal solo for several minutes, moving, dancing, rocking back and forth. Then Linda and Erika naked except for pearls joined me in the moaning chant. They danced together, moving, pleasure rubbing deep into each other within infusion, soon enveloping me into the intimate body. Soon the rest of the band appeared, forming a semi-circle … Danny on Trumpet, Lob running around the stage banging on the tambourine, Steve Davis plucking his bass, Dr. Gruve blowing his harmonica, Dire pounding the bass, Lobster pushing his guitar, Tomek squeezing his accordion and playing other instruments, Jim beating the drums. At a certain point, Linda and Erika left me to cuddle with each band member, and then they went into the audience to cuddle with people as I wailed with the band. People are hungry for that deep human touch! When Linda and Erika got back to the stage, Erika tried to play clarinet…but quickly started moving with Linda again! The jam lasted over an hour.



Download free audio of the performance here:

Deep Core Magic #95


You can also download the video here (mp4, 1.1 GB):

Recorded May 6, 2005
“Exploring with Erika” Part 1

The Night Of The Passion Demons [AUDIENCE CAMERA]

The video will open in a new window/tab.
You can also download the video here (mp4, 1.1 GB):

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band at the Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, California, October 15, 2005

This was a case where the allegedly hip space was so freaked out by our act, it refused to rent to me again no matter the amount of money!  Maybe you can figure out why!  The band was truly all stars, made up of the other three bands playing that night.

The Cherotic All-Star Band:
Lob - bass
Dr. Oblivious - keyboards
Dr. Gruve - Harmonica
Michael Peppe - vocals/keyboards
Bob Madigan - vocals
Mike (Fluff Grrl) - slide guitar
Steve Davis - guitar
Linda Mac - vocals/dance
Erika Shaver-Nelson - vocals/dance
Frank Moore - vocals/dance



Free audio file download available here:

Painting and art delivery

Today, September 9, 2018, Erika, Alexi and Corey drove here to Sacramento in a 20 ft. U Haul truck filled with Frank’s oil paintings, and the framed art / photos! The oil paintings were neatly packed in the wood structure/box they created for it. The day was spent unloading the truck, but we did manage to hang the neon peace sign in the front window and the first piece of art … Superman!!!

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