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Deep Core Magic #76

Jen Wilson "5 Days in Lila" / Liquid Den
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Frank Moore at Café International, San Francisco, March 1999

Recorded March 26, 1999
with Teresa Cochran on flute

from the Café International poster:
Café International
Friday Night Performance Series
Open Mic & Featured Performers
March & April    8pm

March 26 Frank Moore - Shaman performance artist. bon vivant.
“… a revolutionary and highly respected artist of the underground community …” fAZE3 Magazine
“… one of the U.S.’s most controversial performance artist …” P-Form Magazine
“… a true sexual revolutionary …” Annie Sprinkle

Poem list:
1.          Rant on an Open Mic
2.         Jesse
3.         Passions Don’t Burn Out
4.         Art is a Bitch
5.         River Vision
6.         Art of Reshaping Reality
7.         Tortures

Sunday, July 19, 2015

How To Handle An Anthropologist, Session 6

Recorded October 3, 1997.

In 1997 Frank was contacted by Russell Shuttleworth, a then University of California, Berkeley, graduate student,  working on his Master’s Thesis, which was a research study to help understand how men with moderate to severe cerebral palsy experience and interpret their search for intimacy and sexual relationships in the face of significant social and cultural barriers or as Frank called it, "The Sexual Practices of Bay Area Men with Cerebral Palsy"!!! He wanted to interview Frank for this thesis. That interview quickly segued into 12 years of him interviewing Frank about Frank's life. Meanwhile, Frank encouraged Russell to live his dreams which resulted in Russell aka Dr. Gruve, djing a show on our LUVeR internet radio station for years and playing the harmonica in Frank's Cherotic All-Star Band for many years. They did 88 interviews in all, even continuing via Skype when Russell moved to Australia to teach there. Russell is now a Medical Anthropologist PhD and a member of the faculty at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria Australia. We have the first twelve of these sessions on videotape. We are in the process of transcribing and editing all of the interviews into a book that Frank named "How to Handle an Anthropologist".

Deep Core Magic #75

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Excerpts from Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Jams 1995-1996

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Relationships - Jack & Mary

Recorded October 25, 1985.
For a short time we videotaped "couples" talking about their relationships.

Global Erotic Warming

“Global Erotic Warming” May 30, 2009. An hour long jam as part of a 24 hour music marathon Paris, France

Press Release:

On LUVER.COM Saturday May 30th at eight P.M. Pacific time
FRANK MOORE'S CHEROTIC ALL-STAR BAND will perform GLOBAL EROTIC WARNING, an hour long jam live on ... Psychedelic intimate journey into a shamanistic dreamscape.

It is a part of a 24 hour online global Marathon.

It will be fun! And if everything works, we'll be on a big screen in Paris live!... "All your performances will be casted in a public venue on 3 screens (mixed by several directors at Point Ephemere in Paris- on the web: - where a sound system also a final output will be displayed and available on the web (it can be used as a source for anyone who wants) every hour there are people streaming from another time zone." But here we shall just be playing together!

Cherotic All Star Band Members:
Lob, bass
Tomek, keyboards, roto-toms, accordion & clarinet
Ava Bird, vocals, toys
Jen, vocals, toys
Frank, piano, vocals, toys
Mikee, mix, live fx
Linda, video

Here is what Frank wrote:

Ah!  I loved jamming in the early morning in a hip club in Paris live and having people around the world see and hear us…  And we did not even have to leave our house in Berkeley Ca.!  We were asked to be a part of a worldwide online live streaming musical Marathon, THE NON STOP MUSIC PLANET.  This Marathon was a 24 hour journey around the world, streaming musical performances back to Paris.  It turns out we were one of just four acts from the United States.  The other performances were in Europe, South America, etc. So our piece was an hour jam, The Global Erotic Warming.  In Paris, they were fast cutting back and forth among various acts…  Until we came on.  Then they stayed with us for 45 minutes!  They even got a better player for projecting us on the big screens.  We also streamed the jam on LUVeR.  Funny, in the room here, it was intimate and cozy.  Most of us have played together for years.   And the new player, Ava, melted right in and played within the trance.   But it was then injected into what I imagine was a very hip scene.   Funny where we pop up!

Here is what DA BOYZ wrote:

We were checking out the Non Stop Music Planet website, which was really neat, watching them flip between different musical acts in progress in different areas of the world ... Mumbai, India, to Italy, to Poland...

Soon the jam was starting ... NSMP was trying to tune us in ... really neat to watch the whole process unfolding.  The jam was really neat, and seemed to just get more and more trance/dreamlike ... we imagined that it was just the perfect thing to listen to/watch in Paris at 5 in the morning after almost 20 hours of nonstop music ...  Beautiful cam shots of everyone!

Meanwhile we ate, and the sauce cooked away ...  NSMP kept the jam tuned in for 45 minutes straight ... and the jam went on ... it felt like it didn't want to stop after Linda named the band members!

Alexi continued on the sauce, and Corey sent cam shots, handed back the stream ... soon we were coming down to break down the set ... a fun conversation going on in the mac room ... histories and long friendships and Ava Bird's first jam!  What a fun night!

Stoney Speaks with Frank Moore

Recorded December 13, 2000 for B-TV, Berkeley's cable access channel.

Frank and Stoney go way back to the mid to late 1970s where they both were regular fixtures on UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza. Stoney was a bit of a celebrity always gathering a large crowd of students around him as he read from the daily newspapers and made his commentary and kicked students' butts to get out there and protest the injustices he read about. Meanwhile Frank was wheeling up to students to talk, and invite them to be involved in whatever our latest project was from videoing to performances. This show is many years later. Stoney had been a guest on Frank's Shaman's Den five months earlier where he told Frank he was discouraged and ready to sell out. Here we see Frank kicking his ass about that!
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