Saturday, January 19, 2013

St. Stupid's Day After Party, April 1, 2007

You can also download the video here (mp4, 507.5 MB):

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band, Fat City, San Francisco, California.

We were the finale of the  long, great night of the After St. Stupid Day Bash at Fat City in S.F. put on by Bob and Ann Madigan…cram packed with great, loud, surreal, over-the-edge bands. In fact it was so long that I lost a quarter of my band before we went on as the finale of the show at 1:15am! But The Cherotic All-Star Band was huge anyway. After my traditional vocal solo, Lenny Lauro of The Year of the Wildcat with his bass dug the groove deeper and deeper. Rich Polysorbate, the drummer of L.A.’s Clowns & Fetuses, stirred the tribal heart. Mike Fluffgrrl’s slide guitarist, Barney Fluffgrrl’s Theremin wizard, and the trombonist from Los Banos created musical/emotional water slides into fuzzy altered states as Bob Madigan and Michael Peppe tickled the keys, joyfully grinning. Lena Strayhorn played various unique instruments, arousing sexy giggling thoughts. The E-Salon’s own Kay played with musical toys. I crashed the chimes when I wasn’t rubbing/dancing naked intimate sex into the jamming with Linda and Erika…when they weren’t tickling each other all-the-way into silliness or “getting” the band. All through the jam Linda, Erika, Lena, Bob, Peppe, Caroline of The Year of the Wildcat joined me in a pagan non-verbal vocal chorus that ripped holes in “reality” into soft molten pleasure chaos of enjoying being one another within one another. And all of this…and in fact the whole show of the long night…was pumped full of juice by Ann Madigan standing in front of the stage very actively enjoying. This greased all the wheels!


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