Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Uncomfortable Zones of Fun, August 27, 2011

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MMmmmm…  Writing about the performances have just changed because we are now putting up the video of the whole performance on VIMEO even before I have recovered from the performance to write about it, whereby continuing the performance and adding new dimensions.  In fact a lot of the new people at this one had checked out the past performances on the web and were ready!  In fact one freaky chick told a bunch of her friends how nude freaky chicks always climbed all over me!  They were ready!

At the beginning of the night only two straight looking women showed up.  But then people started piling in!  It was a good mix of new people and returnees [one of which admitted at the end of the night that he was afraid to come back because the last time was so magical].  Almost everybody was ready to play and to go deep.  One young woman [white hip woman from Georgia] read a few of my poems in a powerful hip hop style [which is why I pointed out she was a white hip woman!].  She later rocked nude sexy on my lap and danced with Linda and me.  Other highlights were Nat singing extremely dirty /sexy a South American torch song and a very intense conversation about scarification with a young guy who practices it, but didn’t know the deeper spiritual dimensions of the practice.

Half way through almost everybody had their clothes off.  Well, it took Erika putting on the holey underpants of a guy who was holding on to them!  Who says we don’t go outside of our own “comfort zones”?!  But the possibility of “rubbing each other’s genitals” created the biggest band we ever had at this kind of performance!  See the video to see what I am talking about!

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