Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun, September 24, 2011

Recorded at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, California.

This one was about process rather than about erotic juicy visuals.  And the process came into the performance and definitely flowed out into the people’s everyday life after the performance.  Moreover, everybody, except for the middle class high school counselor, pushed themselves.  The high school counselor actually called his wife BORING.  But when she actually joyfully got into the performance, he made them beat a quick exit, after refusing to donate anything [not to mention scaring out a group of young people who would have added juicy possibilities to the night].  Everybody else donated something even though they didn’t have much money.  That guy was that kind!  Hey, he was a high school counselor after all!  Embarrassing!  A performance costs us over $200 in theater rental, fliers [Btw, Corey and Alexi spend five days fliering for each performance], etc.  We never get a fraction of that from a performance.  That is the reality of the addiction of art.  And for the most part people give what they afford.  EXCEPT FOR MIDDLE CLASS ASSHOLES LIKE THIS GUY!

Everybody else pushed themselves.  The musician played even when there wasn’t an audience.  The retired construction guy let himself be undressed.  The dancer did a nude dance with me.  And his girlfriend pushed against crippling boundaries which let assholes in her past control her actions now.  She said she would come back to continue the pushing beyond the boundaries even when it was hard.  Now that makes for a successful performance, even when Erika didn’t get nude [that never happens!]!  But I need to send out two PS’s to this.  One is my poem BOUNDARIES KILL to the braless vixen.  And my essay about how to create a masterpiece to the dancer.  His best move was falling!
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