Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Intimate Room - UC Berkeley, 1984

A.S.U.C. Presents=
Intimate Revolution, a performance series by Frank Moore
Tuesdays 7p.m. 125 Dwinelle
January 31, February 14 & 28, March 13, 1983

Tuesday, March 13 – The Intimate Room
A strange creature from far far away is waiting to touch you, to go back with you into his world of innocent play … if you would only come into the intimate room.

Frank had complete freedom for this 3+ year bi-weekly performance series thanks to the unconditional support of Tom Oden, the then Director of the A.S.U.C. Studio at UCB. Frank said that this series is where he got to try out his ideas. It was free, we paid nothing for the room and the audience paid nothing to attend. Even if only one person showed up, we did the performance.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All-Star Jam - Frank Moore's Shaman's Den

Recorded December 12, 2004.
with Frank Moore, Erika Shaver-Nelson, Dr O, Dr Gruve, Andy Poisoner!, Geoff Walker, Keith Adams and Michael Peppe.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band - Kimo's, January 4, 2001

Yep, a WILD night! 2 of my fav performers...FLUFFGRRL and john the baker...did kick-ass sets...and SOUND CHASER did very beautiful music.

And THE CHEROTIC ALL-STARS...what a band...john on guitar, gio on guitar and drums, walter funk on a tiny home-made synthesizer, lori surfer on theremin and gong and bugle, the slow poisoners' andy [sousaphone] and richard [melodica], fluffgrrl's bob on harmica, teresa on flute [for the first 2 minutes!], and linda [in an all fringe nude dress] and me [in a shocking pink skirt, slit all the way up both sides] doing vocals and doing a tansexual dance...soon joined by teresa [in a very mini skirt and a see-thru top]...judging from comments later, that hot babe stole the show! How erotic was it? Well, when mikee asked the she/he sound-person how much more time our set had left, she/he asked how much I needed to cum. that's how caring Kimo's is! [Yes, I did.]

People said the set was blind-blowing...going from full-blast hard-core raging chaos to tribal melting trance hanging outside reality.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

How Berkeley Can You Be? Festival

Recorded September 28, 2008
Frank Moore For President 2008

Last year (2007) HOW BERKELEY CAN YOU BE?! PARADE really marked the beginning of our taking our presidential campaign into the public. The year since then has been filled with campaign speeches, festivals, performances, interviews and other events. Last year I shook hundreds of hands and gave out over a thousand copies of my platform during the parade and at the festival afterwards. But last year there was a laid-back feeling. This year there were hours of extremely intense intimate inter-reactions/exchanges of hope and vision. It was non-stop…much more than at the other festivals. Many people knew about the campaign. A lot of people…all kinds of people….knew me/us from our public access cable shows [we are on tv in Berkeley and the surrounding towns every night for around 6 hours!]. It was extremely inspiring, if exhausting!

Friday, December 19, 2014

"Words Playing With Your Body" backed up by THE EROTIC JAZZ GROUP

Monday, Dec 15th, 2008, Talking Stick, 1411c Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291
plus Tim O'Gara []
and Jeffrey Randall Snyder []

from Frank:
I find it funny that the reading at Talking Stick in Venice Beach was much more confrontational and controversial than the jam at Echo Curio…even through there was no nudity or physical sex at Talking Stick…only words and images in the last poem could be seen as taboo if you squint! But everything was acid fingernails on the blackboard at Talking Stick.

Erotic Jazz Group:
Jeff Snyder (Cosmic Starfish)
Mark Soden (Phog Masheeen)
Tim O’Gara Band
Jen Wilson
Linda Mac
Frank Moore


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Deep Core Magic #61

This is the first episode with Erika and the second season of the show as it ran weekly on B-tv.
Performance at the Norcal Noisefest 2004
Saturday, September 25, 2004
EMRL Studios
Sacramento, CA

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band at The Artists Cafe, San Francisco, California

Recorded July 12, 1996

The first Cherotic All-Star Band jam! Although, this was the second Cherotic All-Star Band performance, it was the FIRST one where Frank did not use pre-recorded songs to sing/play along with.

The band:
Frank Moore - vocals
Ki-lin Reece - guitar
Barb Golden - keyboards
Corey Nicholl - keyboards
Mark - Drums

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Frankly Speaking in the Berkeley History Room

Recorded August 9, 2014.

Mikee, Alexi, Corey and Linda were escorted into The History Room of the Berkeley Public Library by Jef the librarian to see Frankly Speaking on the shelf there!! And of course we documented it!!  Jef the Librarian graciously showed us into the room and asked us questions about Frank as we videoed!

From the Berkeley Public Library web site:
Berkeley History Room
Open to all
Materials from the Berkeley History Room must be used in the Berkeley History Room.
Open Mondays 3-7 pm and other hours by appointment.
Materials include books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, city directories, telephone books, maps, and other materials related to Berkeley history.

Frankly Speaking web site:
Frankly Speaking promo:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

John The Baker & Frank Moore - The Freedom To Be Human Ball, Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California

Frank Moore's "The Freedom To Be Human Ball"
Saturday, May 4, 2002 Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California
a benefit for www . luver . com
A night where international musicians, poets, and artists will play, jam, improvise, explore together ... and with you ... in a state of melting hot lava. A CELEBRATION OF BEING HUMAN! A night of a universe of subversive diversity ... erotic, spiritual, political ... in music, poetry, and dance. SO SUBVERSIVE, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT INTERFERED!

Opening/Dorothy Jesse Beagle []
Frank Moore singing "Totalitarian State" []
John The Baker & Frank Moore []
Audience/Around Burnt Ramen []
Azigza []
More Audience/Around Burnt Ramen []
Fluff Grrl []
Michael Peppe as Sol Divus []
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band []


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Frank Moore singing "Totalitarian State" - The Freedom To Be Human Ball, Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California

Frank Moore's "The Freedom To Be Human Ball"
Saturday, May 4, 2002 Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California
a benefit for www . luver . com
A night where international musicians, poets, and artists will play, jam, improvise, explore together ... and with you ... in a state of melting hot lava. A CELEBRATION OF BEING HUMAN! A night of a universe of subversive diversity ... erotic, spiritual, political ... in music, poetry, and dance. SO SUBVERSIVE, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT INTERFERED!

Opening/Dorothy Jesse Beagle []
Frank Moore singing "Totalitarian State" []
John The Baker & Frank Moore []
Audience/Around Burnt Ramen []
Azigza []
More Audience/Around Burnt Ramen []
Fluff Grrl []
Michael Peppe as Sol Divus []
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band []


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Freak Out!

A segment from the British TV show Freak Out about Frank Moore (2000).

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dr. Richard Kerbavaz - Frank Moore's Shaman's Den

Dr. Richard Kerbavaz
How To Reform The Healthcare System
Recorded May 2, 2008.

Rich was Frank's ENT doctor for over twenty years who became a dear friend. Frank called Rich one of his favorite people to be with.

This is the third time that Rich Kerbavaz was a guest on The Shaman's Den. This was during the time that Frank was running for President of the U.S. He asked Rich to come on the show this time as a doctor who knew the medical system  to compare Frank's healthcare plan to the other major candidates at that time. This is the chart that we used on the show:

Compare Frank's healthcare plan to those of John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

btw, Rich also took us on his yacht to help spread the word of the Campaign. What a fun adventure that was!!!
Presidential Campaign Cruise

Saturday, November 29, 2014

+DOG+ - Night Nurse - Jam - Frank Moore's Shaman's Den

Recorded January 13, 2008

1. +DOG+
2. Night Nurse
3. The Jam

Members of The Jam:
Larry Rodriguez who played as a member of Night Nurse that night.
Andrew Wayne, who played as a member of +DOG+ & Night Nurse that night.
Dan Quillan, who played as a member of Night Nurse that night and who is a member of Art Lessing & The Flower Vato.
Hailey Heckler, Night Nurse & played as member of +DOG+ that night
Steve Davis of +DOG+
Bjorn of +DOG+
Erika Shaver-Nelson
Frank Moore

Friday, November 28, 2014

The "Hot" Ritual

Recorded at the University of California, Berkeley, March 14, 2003 as part of the "Exploring Of Possibilities Of Passion" series.
Watch the entire performance here:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Dance Ritual

Recorded at the University of California, Berkeley, January 31, 2003 as part of the "Exploring Of Possibilities Of Passion" series. With Frank and Kirsten.

by Frank Moore

Lower the lights. strobe lights.

Squat in the center of the room, holding yourself very tightly, rocking, fully dressed, maintaining boundaries, making whatever sounds, all tight, all "self-contained."

When you are ready. It doesn't matter how long this takes. Let yourself expand into the room, while still squatting and rocking. Relax.

Let yourself expand into me when you are ready. It doesn't matter how long this takes.and take me into you when you are ready. It doesn't matter how long this takes. All the while squatting and rocking.

When you are ready, move around the room, making deep sounds within a relaxed freedom. Slowly remove your clothes. When you are ready. It doesn't matter how long this takes. Let yourself expand outside of the studio, taking everything into you.

When you are ready. It doesn't matter how long this with me, drawing everything in the room into the rapture state of our combine being, making deep sounds within a relaxed freedom.

When you are ready. It doesn't matter how long this takes.sit on me and rock/rub our combined being into a rapture state, making deep sounds within a relaxed freedom. Remain in this state.

Watch the entire performance:

Monday, November 24, 2014


Frank Moore featured on Spectrum TV show May 1991.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Presidential Campaign Speech & Poem - Enough! Tour - Il Corral, Saturday

Recorded Saturday, September 15, 2007 at Il Corral, Los Angeles, California
with an introduction by Stephen Emanuel.
For more about the tour visit:
Frank Moore For President 2008:

Presidential Campaign Speech - Enough! Tour - Il Corral, Friday

Recorded Friday, September 14, 2007 at Il Corral, Los Angeles, California
with an introduction by Frank's vice presidential running mate, Dr. Susan Block.
For more about the tour visit:
Frank Moore For President 2008:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Frank Moore, Linda Mac & Penny Arcade Conversation - Program 4 - Lower East Side Biography Project

Originally recorded March 8, 2009 on Frank Moore's Shaman's Den.

A Frank Moore, Linda Mac & Penny Arcade Conversation - Program 2 - Lower East Side Biography Project

Originally recorded March 8, 2009 on Frank Moore's Shaman's Den.

A Frank Moore, Linda Mac & Penny Arcade Conversation - Program 3 - Lower East Side Biography Project

Originally recorded March 8, 2009 on Frank Moore's Shaman's Den.

A Frank Moore, Linda Mac & Penny Arcade Conversation - Program 1 - Lower East Side Biography Project

Originally recorded March 8, 2009 on Frank Moore's Shaman's Den.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Deep Core Magic #58

Excerpts from two performances:

Make Room For Big Daddy

The Night Of Taboo Benders
On-Stage Camera:
Audience Camera:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pantanic Dance Ritual

The pantanic dance ritual with Frank Moore, Kirsten Rose and Linda Mac. From the performance series Intimate Experiments in Deep Core Passion, University of California, Berkeley, August 1, 2003.

See the entire performance here:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Magical Feast Of Musical Dreams - Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

A mystical journey into strange/beautiful threatening experimentations with a wide range of the Bay Area's most daring bands!
Recorded Friday, March 23, 2001
at Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California.

Performed by:
Frank Moore - piano/voice
Linda Mac - voice
Dorothy Jesse Beagle - voice
Teresa Cochran - voice
Dawn McCarthy - voice
Nils Frykdahl - flute
Kalib - electronics
Stephen Kent - didgeridoo/shakers
Thomas - slides/lighting
Lori Surfer - theremin/film projection
Giovanni Morro - guitar
John The Baker - guitar

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Intimate Cave - Franklin Furnace, New York City 1987

This was the first performance Frank did at Franklin Furnace in New York City. It is a five hour performance. Franklin Furnace had gathered some people for us to be in the cast and we had two people who had been in the Los Angeles cast of this performance, thinking it would help with this group of local people that had never met or worked with Frank before. This is also the first time Frank had Annie Sprinkle in his cast. Although we had talked to Annie on the phone a number of times, and Frank and Annie had snail mailed back and forth (before email!), and we were staying at Annie's apartment (she insisted!), this was the first time we were meeting Annie in the flesh. This was also before Annie broke into the performance art world (which Frank predicted during this trip!).  The L.A. artists knew who Annie was from her porn work, and to our shock, they thought it was beneath them to work with Annie, so were rude to Annie, would only talk/engage with her in the context of the performance. Annie, being the sport, took this in stride and assured us that she is used to this and it is ok. I, on the other hand, was horrified and broke down crying at Annie's apartment in the evening after one of the rehearsals saying, how can this performance be about how we are all one and yet our cast is not talking to each other!? At the next day's rehearsal Frank had Annie and the L.A. female cast member go into the tent to eroplay (she would do this because it was part of the performance) while he had the rest of the cast lie down with eyes closed as he led them through a mind trip together that created the feeling of magical oneness, after which he told everyone that he was canceling the rest of the rehearsals and all they needed to do was remember this feeling and don't worry about the script (which was thick!). He said if the performance fails, his is the name that people will associate with it and he doesn't care!

Franklin Furnace’s press release 1987:

Thursday, May 14, 1987; 7pm – midnight

Frank Moore makes his long-awaited debut in New York with a troupe of 15 local performers, in his controversial performance, “INTIMATE CAVE.”

“INTIMATE CAVE” will use dream-playing, magical rituals and playful sensuality to seduce the audience into a child-like reality beyond fears and doubts. Moore’s weird characters are silly pranksters who will take such things as nudity and physical contact out of the realm of adult sexuality.

Frank Moore gives the audience an opportunity to converse with him via his letterboard and to play an active role in his performance. Moore’s previous production of “INTIMATE CAVE” in Los Angeles was so successful in creating a safe, warm world of human contact that the audience stayed for several hours after the formal ending. Moore’s unique charm and humor brings back the cuddling curiosity of childhood.


From the poster :

Frank Moore’s performance “Intimate Cave”

Thursday, May 14, 1987, 7:00 p.m. – midnight
$6.00/ ½ price for members

You are invited to Frank Moore’s performance that will begin with a strange man sitting in a small cave of foil and ribbon. The audience is welcome to communicate with this Shaman via a letterboard. A troupe of weird characters, silly pranksters, and local performers will come out of the audience to perform intimate and softly playful rituals of random gestures. The audience has an opportunity to play an active role in this ritual, creating a magical unknown “awake dream,” where anything is possible.

Please bring your own mats or pillows.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Going Deep To The Core At Ramen with Frank Moore #3 - Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

Recorded August 31, 2006 at Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California

Visit the new channel for this series:

And it was time for the Cherotic All-Stars’ jam! Lob, Dr. O. and Zack [the only cherotic virgin of the night!] held onto their instruments. John the Baker took over the roto-toms. Dr. Gruve stepped in with his harmonica. Linda and Erika in only rings and pearls started tickling each other as they vocalized with me. Hey, I didn’t have on even rings or pearls! The tickling melted into dancing, rubbing together into each other, absorbing me into them, exploring secret inner places and pleasures, floating on the music, feeling the bass … music expanding into everything strobing multi-colors. The jam started there and floated deep into the warm body.

After the jam, John tried to do what will be seen at the beginning and at the end of every episode of the tv show. He tried and tried and tried. Those bloopers alone are enough reason to watch the show!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Deep Core Magic #57

See the full performances:
Make Room For Big Daddy:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

EZTV - Wrapping/Rocking & Statues, Los Angeles, California

Recorded September 9, 1988. AUDIO BEGINS JUST AFTER THE 2 MINUTE MARK!

This is a from a 2 night run performance at EZTV in  Los Angeles, California.

Michael, the guy from EZTV who booked us, also shot this video of a couple segments from the first night.

This was towards the beginning of Frank having this cast made up mostly of his apprentices. You can see Mikee doing Body Music with Sabina. Also, Carlos, the chanter wearing the I HAVE AIDS sign around his neck. When Carlos was diagnosed with AIDS, Frank started having him wear that sign at performances, and cast him as The Dying Man who would talk briefly with each
audience member in a small tented area as they entered the space. He told them that dying was not something to be feared. That it was not painful in itself. It was a transition.

When a reporter from the LA Times interviewed Frank in our hotel the morning after attending one of our performances found out that Carlos really did have AIDS, it blew his mind. He said, I thought the performance was great before this, but now it has gone to another level.

From the poster:

Journey to Lila
A performance by Frank Moore

This five hour journey will be through inner space and inner time to Lila, the island of play and illusion in the sea of how-things-should-be.

This performance will dare to go through the uncharted waters of death, rebirth, and childhood.

The audience will enter the beautiful bodies and the open personalities of teenage Lilans who are taking part in the magical rituals of eroplay and wrapping unity.

Friday, September 9
Saturday, September 10
8pm      $8

This was the first time the poster art for one of Frank’s performances was done by LaBash!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dying Is Sexy Interview

This interview takes place at the end of Frank's 48 hour performance, Dying is Sexy, in Toronto, Canada in August 1999. Paul Couillard, the artist who curated this series, and who also attended this 48 hour performance,  is asking Frank questions about the performance. This is one of the best interviews with Frank talking about his vision of life and his art.

To see the video of the performance:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frankly Speaking Book Party - Take 5 Cafe, Berkeley, California

Recorded May 8, 2014.

Last night’s book party was amazing. Take 5 is a small café/gallery in South Berkeley, a section of Berkeley that has not yet been gentrified, but is on its way to it. Take 5 has sandwich boards sitting in the median strip along the busy street saying ‘THE BEST COFFEE IN SOUTH BERKELEY’. Karen, the owner of the café enthusiastically offered us her place for this Book Party, knowing that there might not be a lot of people that show up so she might not make many sales, but saw it as an opportunity to let the community know that she is there. And as usual, Corey and Alexi (& Erika on her days off from work) plastered Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco with our flier.

We arrived an hour and a half before start time to do our usual set up in Karen’s amazing gallery full of unique collectibles & furniture. Our set up included hanging on the walls the large vinyls of Frank’s paintings, setting up the books and give away displays, setting up the large beautiful photo of Frank on the easel, the mic and amp, Tha Archivez keyboard, etc. etc. We managed to be done early enough so that we could buy a full plate of an assortment of Karen’s delicious homemade baked goods, along with organic herbal and black teas in beautiful small tea pots and killer hot chocolates! We sat on a big sofa and enjoyed our treats on a glass table in a room that had been transformed into Frank’s magic cave. If that had been all that happened, it would have been very, very satisfying!

The first person arrived early and ordered himself some food before the Party got started. Another sale for Karen! We got into position, camera on, and people started arriving. The small group included a couple of people who have been following Frank since the 1970s Mabuhay Days, one of which said, I don’t think Frank liked me very much, but I wanted to come tonight to say how much I respected Frank and what he did. This guy had notoriously been the guy that provoked Frank and John the Baker to sing at top volume to him, John’s song, FUCK THE FASCIST U.S.A. when he had arrived at our FUCK THE WAR BALL at John’s Burnt Ramen in a very bad part of Richmond wanting to debate Frank about not supporting our country in the war. He bought a book last night!

Two of our neighbors came, who had already bought 2 copies of the book from us and who had never attended any other of our events. There was a young guy who only knew Frank from seeing fliers around town. At one point more than half way through the evening, after everyone had taken a turn reading a section of the book, the young guy said he was particularly interested in the Shamanistic aspect of what Frank did … how to bring that reality into this Western Culture. We read a few more of Frank’s pieces that addressed this, but then got talking about how we live and Frank’s very practical, everyday living, enjoying, focusing on each other way of shamanistically, sneakily leaking magic into the world. Forgetting for the moment that two of our neighbors were right there, we started talking about how neighbors tell us how important it is to them to have us on the block and our neighbors in the audience piped up supporting what we were saying in such a moving way! Frank’s magic filled the room.

We ended the evening with Tha Archivez (aka Kene-J, aka Frank’s son) singing “To Be Free” the song he wrote inspired by playing music at Frank’s performance for these past years. He opened by telling everyone how many hits on Vimeo the “music video” of that song from one of our performance had gotten!
( )

After the party ended, our neighbor told us he had always felt great feelings about us as neighbors, and then finding out more when Frank ran for President in 2008, and now reading the book and seeing how deep this all goes. He said how much it meant to him that we were continuing on with Frank’s work. It was so moving to be seen like that. Frank always said, these are the things that give us fuel, keep us going. Yes, yes, yes.

Hot shit!
Linda Mac

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Louise Scott & Denise Lacount interviews

Recorded April 26, 2014, Graton, California

Frank always said that Louise was "to blame" for his life.

Friday, October 24, 2014

SWAPFEST 2014: TAC salutes Frank Moore

Recorded Thursday, April 24, 2014

PROGRAM NOTES FOR SWAPFEST 2014: TAC salutes Frank Moore
U-Haul sound installation

Frank Moore's series at TAC
Frank Moore (1946-2013), “one of the U.S.'s most controversial performance artists” (P-Form Magazine), performed monthly at Temescal Art Center from February 2009 until October 2013.  Frank changed the name of his series over the years.  Starting as “Reality Playings - experiments in experience/participation performance”, it then became “The Uncomfortable Zones of Fun”, “Risk for Deep Love – a ritual audience participation experience experiment”, and finally “Erotic Risk for Deep Love”!  Frank always created the performances around the people who came … Frank always said that he “just followed” … if the audience was willing to risk, the performance  melted, in Frank's words, “into a cozy little joyful community, willing to be uncomfortable and whatever else it takes to go into adventures of fun” … “willing to play together deeper than the normal reasonable world allows”.  Nudity, eroplay*, dressing and undressing were among just a few of the “tricks and tools” from 40+ years of performance that Frank used at TAC to create this altered space.  Frank greatly valued the ability to have an ongoing series at TAC, which he really considered his performance home for this period.

 *”Eroplay is intense nonlinear physical touching, rubbing, licking, exploring for physical pleasure for its own sake. Eroplay is foreplay which is released from the linear goals of reaching genital orgasm.”
– from Expanding Sex by Frank Moore, 2003

What you are hearing:
From: “Risk For Deep Love”, August 4, 2012
Frank Moore wrote: “This one is simply the most warmly erotic of my performances in years. That is because the audience was willing to take personal responsibility for saying YES, for playing, for risking for deep love. This shows what saying YES opens up, calls forth, and creates. Aroused erotic juicy sexy fun was created by rubbing nude bodies together within tribal intimate pleasure friction. This bodes well for the society as a whole! The whole night was pure uninhibited fun!”  This audio selection  begins with Frank saying that it is by far the best group in all the years we have been doing this series.  Toward the end, much of the audience dances nude to Tha Archivez singing “To Be Free”.  The rest is everyone sitting around (most nude) talking about the evening and their experiences, including one woman saying she feels that we can all do this in some form in our daily lives.  Very inspiring.  It ends with Frank telling everyone about Betty and her jewelry (Betty, our 85 year-old church-going friend and neighbor of many years) and how Betty loves that people take off their clothes and wear nothing but her jewelry!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Reality Playings - January 30, 2010

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Oh, another year has begun and another amazing performance starts it! A week ago I had to cancel THE SHAMAN’S DEN because I felt pale shitty physically. I wasn’t that hot this Saturday either. But I hate to cancel! So there I was, just drifting floating on the radiancy music of Tomek. Then people started coming in from their life quests, with their questions, their vague feelings that they had detoured from their childhood passions and hopes and joys. And they started asking! It got deep fast. Me, I was half-baked, running on fumes. But the performances are never about me! So everything read or muttered by me ignited insights in the people who stayed [I don’t know about the people who left]. They started running with these insights on their own! Most of them said they will start doing art that they had stopped doing. They will start because of what they have experienced in the performance. They came up with that on their own! Shit, can an artist ask any more before he admits success? Yes, I take the credit for the success even when I was half-baked and ran out of gas during the jam when everything that had been explored verbally /intellectually was becoming musical /physical. Hey, I am the star!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stephen Emanuel / Legs Wide Open Jam - Frank Moore's Shaman's Den

Recorded February 25, 2007

This is Frank's college friend, Steve.  It starts out with Steve playing music and ends with the Legs Wide Open Jam with Steve, Erika and Frank. In between you can hear Frank and Steve telling their great stories from Frank's college years and early performances, including the story of when Steve pushed Frank into the Marine Recruiting Office so that Frank could enlist!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Deep Core Magic #55

Here are the links to the complete performances featured in this episode:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dr. Susan Block in Berkeley

Recorded April 20, 2002

In 2002, Frank fought a year-long battle with the Berkeley City Council and the Berkeley Community Media board who were trying to censor adult programming on Berkeley's public access channel, B-TV. The censorship efforts were specifically focused on Frank's show, Unlimited Possibilities ( and The Dr. Susan Block Show (which Frank sponsored). Dr. Suzy came up to Berkeley to participate in a live debate on B-TV about this censorship effort. This video was shot before and after the debate.

Go here for a complete archive of the 2002 censorship battle with the BCM board and City Council.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Passion Underground - ATA, San Francisco, California

Recorded December 4, 1987

From the original poster:

You are invited to join in a five-hour ritual of reality-subversion by performance artist Frank Moore.

This is a journey into innocent immorality and sensual vulnerability. Your guide will be the black beast who reigns in this hidden realm of uncensored touching, silly play, and howling fun. Bring mats, pillows, or blankets.

“In performance, Moore takes advantage of his disadvantage, becoming an unlikely guide into the pleasures of the body, taking audiences where they would probably never go without the example of his vulnerability and trust … that Moore would be the one urging us to stay connected with our physical selves is both ironic and poetic…” C. Carr, Village Voice, May 26, 1987

“Frank Moore the Bay Area’s resident Bête Noir/Flower Child … could bring back the participatory aspect of performance that dominated its salad days.” High Performance Magazine, November 1, 1987

First performed at 455- 10th Street, San Francisco, California, October 9, 1987.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lupin Western Naturists Conference, California, June 1990

We were invited to perform at the Western Naturist Gathering in 1990 which was being held in  Lupin,California in April, which is not a warm time in this area. It turned out that because of the damage done from the  Loma Prieta earthquake in October 1989, the building that normally would have been where we would have done our performance was condemned, so we had to do the performance outside, at night!  We, of course, were nude for the performance, "Eroplay-The Cave." We were cold during the day and mostly wore clothes while everyone else was nude. So at night for our performance it was much colder and everyone else had lots of clothes on except us!

Frank likes to tell the story ... as we led the people blindfolded into the cave (made from our backdrops) to play with Frank and his cave mate who were lying nude on the mat, Frank would gesture me to lead the "beefier" people to him to cuddle with and keep warm!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Frankly Speaking Book Party - Modern Times Bookstore Collective, San Francisco

Recorded March 27, 2014.

Thursday night at Modern Times was amazing ! Full of magic and of Frank!
Here is what Corey Alexi and Erika wrote about the night. xxoo

Thursday night was the first event for Frankly Speaking: A Collection of Essays, Writings & Rants, which just came out last month!  It was billed as a “Book Party” and “celebration of the life and work of the iconic bay area cultural pioneer, and world-known radical shaman performance artist, Frank Moore”, and it was very much both!  The setting was Modern Times Bookstore Collective on 24th St. in the Mission, San Francisco.  In the '90s, Frank did poetry and zine events at Modern Times when it was on Valencia St., and now Modern Times has been struggling to stay open with financial difficulties.  We could not say enough about how welcoming and warm Carolina and Ashton were at Modern Times.  They have created an environment of freedom there, and we fit right in!

After Ashton cleared the room, the five of us transformed the space like we would at performances … hanging Mikee's colorful painted panels, and the vinyls of Frank's paintings “Frank and Linda”, “Shy”,“Falling In Love”, Frank's definition of Deep Love, and a selection of our great t-shirts.  Frank was there with us.  Of course we all felt him there deeply … plus, we blew up one of our favorite (there are so many!) photos of him to nearly live size, and framed it, and Frank sat there with us on an easel, smiling out at everyone all night!  Tomek soon arrived, Frank's “band” for so many years at performances, and set up his electronic music rig, proceeding to lay down an amazing musical accompaniment for the next 2+ hours, including a sample of Frank's vocal jamming, which we would hear coming in and out throughout the night.

A wide range of people came … Michael, who has been attending Frank's performances for 25 years; Kaye for even a little longer; Larry the “Flower Vato”, a veteran of Shaman's Den jams and performances in Sacramento and Davis, driving all the way down from Sacramento with his girlfriend Kendall; Diane, one of Alexi's handyman clients; a young guy who came to Frank's second to last performance (the last one Frank was at) and an artist friend he brought with him; a couple who met for the first time in 2011 by doing Gestures at one of Frank's performances at the Center for Sex and Culture in S.F.; Geri who saw us putting up fliers at Rainbow … and we even noticed Larry-Bob from Holy Titclamps zine enjoying the readings for a while from the side of the room.

The night was deeply inspiring and moving.   In addition to telling stories from a long history of life and art with Frank, Linda asked everyone to read something from the book.  Diane cried when she read “Creating a Masterpiece”. Tomek said afterward that he was very inspired by the description of our daily life in “Imagine the Possibilities”, one of Frank's presidential speeches.  This piece was actually passed around to different readers, including Larry, everyone really enjoying Frank's presidential plan!  Kendall told us afterward that Linda's stories about the origin of Frank's webstation LUVeR were really inspiring to her.  She is a DJ up in Sacramento, and was already a fan of Frank's, but now even more so!  The couple traded off reading the “Gestures Intro”, and others also read “An Open Letter to Senator Jesse Helms”, “Dance of No Dancers”, “The Inner Maze” Chapter 21, and  “Shamanistic Art”.  And Michael Peppe was there in spirit, a jamming partner of Frank's from many performances over the last 15 years, as Linda read his great piece about Frank that he just sent to us.

The night really amazed us and fueled us … Frank was so much there with us, enjoying the way that everything continues … it had the feeling of all of Frank's performances … the intimacy, smallness, vulnerability, and willingness to just go wherever the writings, the stories, the music, etc., took us.  

And last but not least, we sold some books!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reality Playings - December 18, 2009

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Ah, sometimes there’s not much for me to say about a performance. I will let others below fill in the details. But this last public performance of the year was extremely satisfying. It was enough… The kind of enough that is more than enough! Me doing my Don Rickles’ bit. Stand-up comedy chews up comfort zones! Always eat the fucking cookies when you are with Alice! Don’t be rude! The guy who ended up on the drums was awe-inspiring… Way beyond his comfort zones, his television fantasy just leaked out into his everyday life and he kept a good downbeat! And he just came to buy a video! Playing jamming with him and the Master musicians Tomek and Jhon [smoking guitar!], it don’t get better than that… Well, dancing explicitly with the three sexy female skin warm juicy flesh pleasure creatures… It don’t get better than that! Well, breaking out with a hard-core version of THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY… Seriously it don’t get better than that!

Ah, I have not used Somala in years! But it is always in my bag of tricks. I saw the Mrs. Fields’ cookies and saw the uptight fragile couple, and voila! It just shows it doesn’t matter in the performance alter reality if something [Somala] physically exists if it exists conceptually. It has physical, psychological and every other kind of arousing effects. Hey, this is a core principle of the shamanistic performance I do. Somala did cut through the bullshitting… And isn’t that one of the things art is supposed to do?

And this brings us to the end of this year and this word file. This year at the performances, people have been yapping about comfort zones. In the past people have come to be taken beyond their noses and assholes and normal boxes to be expanded into possibilities and potential paths of newness and flexibility. It is called growth and risk and freedom. Lots still came for these horizons. But there has been a growing peanut gallery who think they are entitled to be comfortable and get really pissed, shocked and discomposed when that isn’t “respected, “ that we will not engage in “reasonable acceptable discussion” to find out why they are entitled to demand that reality stay confined to within their personal taste! We don’t have a constitutional right to not have our comfort zones threatened or violated. Go to Richard Pryor or Lenny Bruce and try to yap about comfort zones! So 2010 will be THE UNCOMFORTABLE ZONES OF FUN! So be warned!

For more:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Frankly Speaking Book Promo

for more info:
In this, the first collection of prose by “one of the U.S.'s most controversial performance artists” (P-Form Magazine), Frank Moore explores his deep and uncompromising vision of human liberation and art as a “battle against fragmentation”. In the essays, writings and rants of Frankly Speaking, roughly covering the period from the late 1970s until his death in 2013, Moore reveals his plan for the complete political and social transformation of American society (see Platform for Frank’s Presidential Candidacy 2008), stirs up the “art world”, urging fellow artists to truly live their calling and not accept censorship (see Art is Not Toothpaste or The Combine Plot), pulls the reader deeply into the heart of magic, responsibility, shamanism, play, and expanded sexuality (see Inter-Penetration or Dance of No Dancers), and much much more. Frank Moore's essays have been praised by political activists, authors, artists and cultural icons like Bill Mandel, John Sinclair, Penny Arcade, Annie Sprinkle and many others for their comprehensive and revolutionary world-view. The reader gets to join Frank's joyful and fearless digging into the core issues of human experience to get to something deeper: intimacy, tribal community, freedom. Frankly Speaking also gives us a peek into the history of these pieces, which have been widely published all over the world, from the smallest of underground zines to the most established mainstream art journals. But Frank always focused on the small, personal, intimate level, and always fought to stay “underground”. As he writes in Mainstream Avant-Garde?: “The underground is where the real freedom and the real ability to change society are to be found.” The writings in this collection have this “beautiful slow pace as if forcing the mind of the reader to change pace as well and let the other world come to the forefront – the cartography of the soul is where you take us … each in our own way … rather than your way … which is generous indeed of you.” (Shelley Berc, writer, teacher) “You’ve hit another homer ... You ought to publish a book of essays or perhaps a Frank Moore anthology.” – Bill Mandel, broadcast journalist, left-wing political activist and author, best known for his televised condemnation of Sen. Joseph McCarthy in the early '50s and later for his dramatic defiance of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in May 1960.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Deep Core Magic #54

This episode features segments from two different performance.
To watch the entire performances, go to:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Frankie Wheels

After Effects test for upcoming Frankly Speaking book promo.
See the finished video

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Saturday, November 26, 1994 at the Chameleon Club, S.F.

This is the first ever performance of Frank Moore's Cherotic All Star Band! This is when Frank was still singing along with recorded music. Among the Cherotic All Stars is John Seabury on guitar (of Psycotic Pineapple) and Barb Golden on keyboard (of Wig Band) and Corey on keyboards. Mikee and Linda join Frank for some of the songs.

Song List

Magic Mirror (Leon Russell) 4:54
Who Am I (Country Joe) 4:03
I Am Woman (Helen Reddy) 3:04
I Believe In You (Bob Dylan) 5:03
The Beat Goes On (Sonny & Cher) 3:27
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) 2:45
Mind Games (John Lennon) 4:12

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Raw Footage - Out of Isolation - tape 4

Recorded June 21, 1987.
More raw footage from the original Out of Isolation video with Frank & Linda Sibio.
We shot this at Rachel Rosenthal's performance space over a three day period in 1987.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Night Of Taboo Passions

Friday, May 5, 2006
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
Burnt Ramen, Richmond, CA

Well, Friday’s gig at burnt ramen was coming home. I have said ramen is my favorite place to play music at. Full-volume, no frills, pure underground! We have played there a lot! We sat around waiting for the bands and an audience to appear … talking to John the Baker (the guiding spirit of Ramen) and Steve. Steve and I go back 40 years! He and I had a long visit the night before. We hadn’t seen each other in 35 years! He was a major player in my life … the first person who dared to give me LSD in college, drove me from San Bernardino to hippiedom Santa Fe, dropping me off at a Digger-style commune. When he, a few months later, followed my wheel tracks and moved to Santa Fe, we lived together in an extended family … etc. He drove from Santa Barbara to play his stand-up bass in the jam…and spent his day buying a new effects box for the gig.

As we sat there, John started telling us that A LOT of the punks who come to ramen have told him they are fans of my shows on B-TV … watching episodes multiple times! I had known we have a large black audience, judging from the reaction on the street when I go downtown. But it is good to know that we are corrupting … er … I mean educating … the YOUTH! At the end of the night, John proposed I do a show at ramen once a month with local bands (and of course Cherotic All-Star jams!) to get ramen bands on B-TV. The title could possibly be Going to the Core @ Ramen with Frank Moore. We talked about starting shooting it in July. Funny how things keep opening up. It’s also funny that I’ve been connected to the punk scene for 30 years.

As people came in, we gave each person a complete library of the Sons of Skip Skiffington and the Tortured cds. We also played them between sets. The guy who is behind both bands is always creating new cds and is always sending us many copies of each to give away. It would be scary if the dude wasn’t so good! We gave him his own LUVeR show just to use all of his hit material! He ain’t no fool! But we either have to build another house to store his cds, or do more live gigs just to give away his cds … or rent a plane to drop Skip Skiffington’s shit over Berkeley!

The audience was invisible! It looked like nobody was there. But we about broke even … which is quite good for a LUVeR benefit. Nobody minded not seeing the audience. We overheard John telling some people I was to blame for him starting to book bands and for ramen! I get blamed for everything! John was the first act we saw at W.E.Fest in Willington, N.C. in 98. He was a solo act from Woodstock. He blew us away! We spent hours talking to him on the sidewalk after the show the first night of the festival. But when we got home, there was an e-mail from him confessing he didn’t come to my 2 sets at the festivals … just sat outside … because he was scared! So when he came to San Francisco with his band, The Banned, he had me double billed with them…in fact, I sang in his band, and they joined my All-Stars. He said that show opened up possibilities for him. So he stayed here…wormed his way into a recording studio in an old produce warehouse…first to live, but quickly built a funky theater for hard core bands. The rest is history! I get blamed for everything … including history!

But enough history! Back to the gig! The night looked like one band that kept expanding, evolving, getting more and more “out there” as the night went on. Unfortunately The Urban Monks had a divorce before the show. So the first band was The Shenanigoats, a great, fun, four-piece punky band from Sacramento. With them you were pretty sure where you were at. But when Instagon came to bat, the magical weirdness began! The thing about them is they are NEVER the same web of players! This time it was Lob (my musical director for decades!) on bass, Dr. Oblivious (my other musical director) on keyboard, Lena the Jaw Harp Queen playing everything but the jaw harp, Chris on the banjo (and maybe guitar), and The Shenanigoats’ drummer (Skott) and guitarist (Jim). They had the familiar structure of songs, tunes, numbers … they did a trippy Inagadadavita. But you found yourself floating down the Mississippi on a strawberry and chocolate marshmallow raft!

Read the rest here:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reality Playings - October 24, 2009

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Oh well, I am writing this the night after Saturday’s performance. So I am doing reasonably well. There is such a thing as pre-performance syndrome [P.P.S.]. Often before a performance I start feeling funky physically. This usually fades either during or after the performance. Before the show on Saturday, I had a somewhat intense P.P.S. We have developed a theory that the P.P.S. forces the performance to be slower and deeper. This was true Saturday. And the symptoms of P.P.S. have disappeared today… leaving this intense head /face sinus ache… apparently not a part of P.P.S., but a seasonal curse! Darn! But I am able to write this, so…

P.P.S. did combine well with having a core group of Linda, Mikee, Jen, Erika, DA BOYZ, Kene-J on music, Unrulee and Nellie as experienced regular players of the series. All of this created a soft dreaminess into which the people who came….. and especially someone like Nicki, a practical playing enjoyer of life… can jump lustily into. All of this makes exploring playing, art, healing, erotic freedom, intimacy, and so on happen in new ways easy… or at least in a trance of fever within which not going all the way [whatever that means] just seems silly!

And Martha… you were here/there!

Now it may be time for my meds! So if you will excuse me…

Photos and more:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Raw Footage - Out Of Isolation - tape1

A surreal erotic examination of an intimate relationship of need. 1989. For my poem that this is based on, go to
Footage recorded June 19, 1987.
See the edited video here:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Going Deep To The Core At Ramen with Frank Moore - Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

Recorded at Burnt Ramen Studio, Richmond, California on February 15, 2007.

Visit the new channel for this series:

Monday, September 15, 2014

B-TV honors Frank Moore

Recorded December 20, 2013 at the studios of Berkeley Community Media, home of B-TV, Berkeley's public access channel.

Celebrating the Life and Work of Frank Moore
Frank Moore was a revolutionary thinker, artist and provocative performer helping to keep the vision of Free Speech alive and well at Berkeley Community Media with his show "Frank Moore's Unlimited Possibilities." We are gathering in his honor to share our stories of him and what he has meant to our community!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Frank Moore - Hotel Utah, San Francisco, California February 28, 1995

Recorded as part of Barb Golden's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 party.

Now for the party of real slut artists who have fun with sex in both their lives and art. Our friend, Barbara Golden had a party to celebrate her new cd/book package at the HOTEL UTAH in San Francisco.

She invited her musician friends to play covers of her songs. Barbara had us go on first [even before my guitarist had arrived] so that we would set the level of outrageous freedom for the other acts.

I had Bonnie on trumpet, Corey on piano [they are my ISOLATION cast], and Toyoji Tomita on slide trombone [he has played with John Cage].

I sang CLIT ENVY straight....Bonnie sitting on my chair. As I sang BONER BOY, i played with Michael’s appropriate parts...if you get my drift. Then for TRASHY GIRLS, my voice became a horn. Linda did a going all the way strip to it which brought the house down.

The other acts were great musicians of very different styles, getting down funky...everybody getting inspired by the others...everybody eating Barb's food.

For the finale, Barb had us do an encore of our TRASHY GIRLS strip act.

It turned out the sound guy was the HOTEL UTAH's booking guy who has  refused to  book me, calling my demo video tape the most disturbing thing he has ever  seen  [I’m flattered!]...and why don't those [disabled] people stay in their place?! He sat through my set mouth open and hands over ears. After my set, he told the bartender, "After that, if need a drink!" I’m flattered!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun - March 26, 2011

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Well, finally I am getting to writing about this performance!  For the last week I had to focus on doing an in-depth interview for an online art magazine.

During the eighties I did a performance series at the University of California Berkeley for over three years.  Sometimes we had a roomful of people.  Sometimes as few as one!  And sometimes I just had a cast who thought one another were the REAL audience [besides the janitors who kept sweeping outside of the room so they could peek in].  My favorite performances were when few people came, but when they came willing to play.

Last week’s performance was like that.  It has been years since so few came.  And right away the older couple who found themselves in the wrong reality [when a guy started undressing Linda, Erika and I] left…  Well, actually the CIA agent left before they did after I blew his cover!  Who were left were Marc the depressed artist and Eric the musician who came to audition to play at the performances.  Both came to play!  When I asked Marc to create a sculpture using Linda, Erika and I, he didn’t stare dumbly at me like most people do when I ask them to do similar things.  He just went to work and stretched the form into a parade to the great music of Eric.  And he was willing to play drums with Eric even though he didn’t think he could play drums!  Mmmmmm, did Marc blow his cover as a depressed artist?

A very satisfying performance indeed!

More photos, etc.:

Frank Moore sings Bing Crosby - XMAS 1991

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Rage Of Passion Tour, Il Corral, Los Angeles, August 12, 2005

The Cherotic All-stars was a big band that night … although we added even more members the next night at Suzy’s SPEAKEASY GALLERY []. Friday the band included Steve Davis on bass, Vinnie Spit on drums, Jackie Spit on percussion, Dr. Gruve blowing his brains out on harmonica, Oren Karpovsky on guitar, and Mikee on video … Erika, Linda and I on erotic infusion and vocals. Actually Erika made her début on the clarinet in this jam. To begin, I sat alone doing noise vocalizings, setting the base for the jam, for several minutes. Then the band slowly formed in a semi-circle so I could eye-lock with everyone (especially with Dr. Gruve, Vinnie and Jackie), playing off of them. It quickly dropped into a tribal groove of many layers, slides and strobes playing on nude skin, the music falling into the infusion created by the rubbing bodies, going into hidden valleys and climbing up holy mountains. At one point Erika and Linda left me to “get” (cuddle) with each member of the band … and to dance with each other, singing, playing the clarinet. Meanwhile I was wailing with the band! We jammed for an hour. EXTREMELY SATISFYING!

The Band:
Frank Moore - vocals, dancer
Linda Mac - vocals, dancer
Erika Shaver-Nelson - vocals, clarinet, dancer
Steve Davis - bass
Vinnie Spit - drums
Jackie - percussion
Russell P. Shuttleworth  - harmonica
Oren Karpovsky - guitar
Mikee LaBash - video

More about that tour here:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun - May 21, 2010

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Well, last night was the kind that if I stayed out of the performance’s way and just rode it, it would go much further than I could have planned!  Strong characters came ready to play!  Well, except for the NO GIRL!  There has to be at least one!  Ok!  I planted her!  Nobody would really say she came to see nude people playing, but, no, she wasn’t willing to play nude, although she was a nude model….  That’s for moneymaking, not for being intimate with people…  So when will people get nude?

If I had a guy say this trash, people would have smacked him down for being a sleazo voyeur.  But my plant [was she a plant?] was a diva in a see-through blouse and a very remote bra yammering about how she was so shy!    But she was a girl and girls can say dumb controlling things!

If she was a plant, she was for contrast to the rest of the performance!  We floated on the live music from one goose bump dance to kick-ass duet to who knows where it all exploded into depth of fun experiments in moving sound, moving poem as narration, moving sexy warm juicy bodies in rhythm dance, dancing within aroused vocal duets getting dirty tasty down to the gritty titty, arm wrestling anger out, going into the difference between being hurt and being harmed through all of this!  Strong characters in music experiments of Kene-J and Tomek playing, dancing, singing, reading!  Musical ecstasy experiments that Miles Davis was searching for!  Other musicians came ready because they have been here before, so they could join right in!  We are building subversion powerful nexus of expanding twisting art through having an on-going series!

Hey, come to think of it, I have had at least one series going for the last thirty-five years!

Deep Core Magic #50

Friday, August 29, 2014

Going Deep To The Core at Ramen with Frank Moore #6 - Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

Recorded at Burnt Ramen Studios, Richmond, California on September 28, 2006

Ah well, another week, another great show and jam. It was a part of our monthly music series at the historic Burnt Ramen. This one was guest booked by the invisible Jesse Townley … which is like having an invisible midwife! Of course there was the usual stress of producing a show…like getting an e-mail an hour before we were leaving for ramen from Jesse saying that two of the bands … hey, let’s name names … Triclops and Monster Squad … had just canceled (the depth of non-professionalism!) … but Jesse got another band. I wrote back that I was looking forward to seeing [being with] him. But he turned out to be invisible.

The first band, Salem Lights, was your basic good rock’n’roll band. And I did your basic rock’n’roll interview with them. But after their powerful set, they embarrassed themselves by packing up and sneaking out within 5 minutes after saying they would play in the jam. A lot of people just do not get community building, being physically there to support one another … which is basic to the Ramen philosophy … which John the Baker and I took the opportunity to discuss on camera. Damn, one reason why I always show up is not to give people an opportunity to trash me behind my back on camera!

Then I turned my attention to the band Jesse just got us that morning, The Sweet Nothings (Dddave, Adam, The Rev. Dusty Danger, and Rob-ot). They are rather cute, sweet guys playing what they call “drive-by/country punk.” The interview turned out to be a deep hour-long exploration as they guided to Ramen, via a cell phone, their lost drummer, Danger. It turns out they have grown up seeing our fliers around town. So they were excited to be finally playing with us. They were determined to jam with us … especially after Salem Lights flaked … even after finding out they might have to be nude for the jam. They are pure addicts of playing music! They did an hour set, extremely high energy and just plain fun! And during their last song they all stripped to their underwear in preparation for the jam! (They dressed for the jam.)

To start the jam, Dr. Gruve on harmonica, John the Baker on the roto-toms, and I doing vocals set down the concrete for the jam for a few minutes. Then The Sweet Nothings charged the stage (hey, I’m still playing with 20-year-olds!) … as Linda, Erika, and I started singing together … nude skin rubbing me between them warm friction turn-on arousing as the Ramen dwellers Jaren and Sierra drummed arousal into reality. It didn’t let up for an hour.

What I can say? Everybody was blown out! The last time we saw The Sweet Nothings, they were listening to the cd of their set in their van … which can be fatal in that neighborhood! And Da Boyz are going to weather-proof the space … foreseeing a long run for the series. Oh, what people miss when they don’t show up … or stay!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reality Playings - September 26, 2009

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

This one is hard for me write about because it was mostly under the surface level. It was preparing for the private performance between Ava and me later this month, plowing the field for potential depth. And also there was inter- personal trash going on, making doing the performance like driving a truck! [And I don’t mean between Ava and me.] But I am a professional and people [except for one or two] came ready and willing to risk, and go deep into the unknown. And this was what the performance was. So I will let the others below write about it.

But since when did “performance artists” [for that matter, “actors”] develop such active distasteful vomit fear of improvisation? It is to the point where they deny that an improv performance is in fact a real performance. They run away in fear… where everyday Jane and Joe jump lustily in!

Photos and more here:

Deep Core Magic #49

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Frank Moore Musical Dance Jam Celebration, November 2, 2013

November 2, 2013, Temescal Art Center, Oakland

Saturday night’s Musical Dance Jam Celebration for Frank Moore was an amazing and wonderful opportunity to gather people together who knew and loved Frank, and really to continue that feeling of intimacy, depth and wide open possibilities that was Frank’s life work, and that now lives on in all of us.  It was really so much like many of Frank’s performances at the Temescal Art Center, his performance home for the last 4+ years.  We were always amazed at the wide range of people that would attend those performances, and it was really in keeping with the way Frank was with everyone in his life.  He loved and was loved by so many different kinds of people, from so many different walks of life.  So we had everyone from labor activists, micro-radio revolutionaries, neighbors from the block, long-time students and ex-students, friends from the SF punk scene, photographers, fans and attendees of Frank’s performances young and old, and even some young Greek musicians travelling through who just heard about Frank and this event, and wanted to join the jam!  Not to mention Frank’s ENT doctor and friend of three decades, Rich and physical therapist and friend for just as long, Francine.

Linda, Erika and Megan went around the room, which quickly filled, asking everyone how they knew Frank and what he meant to them ... the responses were powerful, deep and funny!  Frank’s impact was deeply felt.  It seemed also a way for all of these different people in Frank’s life to experience firsthand the impact Frank made on such a wide range of people, and through so many different avenues ... Frank’s internet station, LUVeR, his performances, his running for President in 2008, his live music jams in punk clubs, his trips to the doctor and hospital stays, etc.!  We were really happy that the spirit of Frank’s performance and life flowed on seamlessly into this celebration.

And of course then there was the music jam and dance!  The music really started with Tomek and Kene-J (aka Frank’s “Son”) laying down a beautiful deep track of music throughout the entire night as people talked about Frank.  And after Kene-J said some words of his own about Frank, Linda asked him to do two songs, the first a rap that we had not heard before, which seemed to be about or inspired by Frank, and the second a recent favorite, “To Be Free”, which Kene-J said was inspired by his experiences of Frank’s performances, and which we first heard at the August 2012 “Risk For Deep Love” performance.  We felt Kene-J’s deep love for Frank in these songs.  At some point, the Greeks joined Tomek and Kene-J in this ongoing jam.  And after Erika read Annie Sprinkle’s audience-participation message for Frank, in which Annie had everyone in the room doing a short eroplay ritual tickling each other’s arms, the dance jam began!

It was a beautiful erotic jam of melting bodies and rhythmic soft waves of music ... Almost everyone picked up an instrument to join the jam and play along as Linda, Erika and Megan took off each other’s clothes and danced nude erotically as slides of the history of Frank’s performances projected on their bodies. Some of the others in the audience also took off their clothes.  And after an erotic tickling session, the three went and “got” the audience, holding and rocking each person in the room.  This amazing jam then segued into a sing-a-long led by Captain Fred, a long time friend and collaborator from the micro-radio movement.  He passed out the lyrics to “With A Little Help from My Friends”, and the whole room sang it together, backed up by the musicians.  It was a great way to “end” the night, although of course as Kene-J pointed out earlier when everyone clapped for his performances, “Frank always said ‘No clapping’!”  ... because clapping is as if something has ended, and Frank always talked about how the performances don’t really “end”.  We all feel that here.

Theremin Barney of Fluff Grrl, who was there with Annie and Mike, said at one point that he felt that Bob Madigan and Frank created “environments” ... they created around them a space in which people could come together and be together in ways that were outside of the normal, and that didn’t seem possible without them, and that he missed this so much with Bob’s passing, and now Frank.  But as the night went on, and so many people asked for the performances and Frank’s work to continue, it was even more clear that there really isn’t an end ... that Frank’s work continues in us.  This was a confirmation of what we have already felt.  As Frank told Linda a few days before he died, kicking all of our asses to enjoy everything, even the idea of him dying ...“We have an amazing life, and it will just continue!”

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Strawberry Dance Jam

Recorded March 21, 1997 at 848 Divisadero, San Francisco, California.

Here's what Frank wrote for the poster for this performance:
STRAWBERRY DANCE JAM BENEFIT PARTY to celebrate the Moore-LaBash art show at 848 and to benefit 848’s mission! Bring your dancing bodies and musical instruments…and a donation from 50 cents to $50. It’s cheap, almost free…so you be too…cheap and free! Friday March 21, starting at 8 PM.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Il Corral, Los Angeles, September 15, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band. Also on the bill that night Novi Split, Justin Shay, +DOG+
Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA

More info, videos of the other bands and photos:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Cocaine, Los Angeles, September 16, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band plus The Refrigerator Mothers, Die Rockers Die!
The Cocaine, Los Angeles, CA

More info and photos:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Frank Moore 1946-2013

Photographs by David Steinberg.
Music: "Thee Cherotic Warrior (For Frank)" by Instagon

Obituary in SF Examiner:
"Iconic Bay Area performance artist Frank Moore dies; tribute planned in Oakland " By Vince Echavaria

Tribute by Dr. Susan Block:
"R.I.P. Frank Moore June 25th 1946 – October 14th 2013: American Hero, Revolutionary Artist, Shaman, Poet, Wounded Healer & Great LUVeR"

Deep Core Magic #47

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Erotic Risk For Deep Love, October 5, 2013

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California

These are the instructions that I wrote up for Megan and Erika for this performance:
Megan and Erika, I have double pneumonia…  So Saturday sit where I sit and greet people, etc. Talk about how you met me, etc.  Half hour into it, undress each other slowly.  Talk about how you use gestures at work [with a P.G. version].  Then you two do the regular gestures together for at least a half hour, getting more and more erotic. Do not read the gestures aloud, read them silently together. Then if Kene-J is there, have him sing a few songs.  Then get dressed.  THE END!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Deep Core Magic #46

In this episode we go into madness, legs wide-open widespread!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nonfilms - Suzanne - Costumes & Gestures

Recorded in the early 1980's.

what a fun cozy erotic juicy deep intense play session this is!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Deep Core Magic #45

Well, this episode is a sandwich.  In the middle is one of the most explicit erotic of THE CHEROTIC ALL-STAR jams we did at KIMO'S, the San Francisco punk club!  On either side of that, we are in my studio talking.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nonfilms - Katherine

Katherine was the director of women's studies at the University of California Berkeley at this time.  We met her at our favorite coffee place.  This is the first thing I did with her.  She just tried costumes OVER her clothes in this.  But as we talked, it became obvious that we were fellow subversive minds!  We ended up doing a lot together, including one of my favorite performances of all time... A TOUCHING AFFAIR []...  We went all the way in that!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nonfilms - Joanna - Costumes

Recorded in the early 1980's.

This is a time when we thought this would be easy.  After all she was a plant in both a 48-hour process and my performance "In The Mess". In both, she was playing erotically nude with me. But in this video I had to work hard to get her to get nude.

More Joanna:,

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nonfilms - Beth Reading Eroart

Recorded in 1985.
In this one I try to explain what I meant by EROART right after I wrote the essay!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Erotic Risk For Deep Love, September 7, 2013

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Well, on paper before the performance if everybody who said they were coming actually came, it would be a dynamic piece.  But they never do.  So I always depend upon my core cast /family, which now includes Megan.  But everybody came!  A matchmaker sent a cute blind date to meet at the performance!  A sexy disabled tranny did a dramatic erotic dance.  A couple from Atlanta who are here to perform their nude play in San Francisco eagerly broke the nudity ice.  Everybody took erotic risk for deep love!  The ritual of GESTURES was the deepest in a long time!  When most people [there was one asshole who actually bragged that he was there for the free nude women!] take responsibility, everything is so much fun!  There was another cute middle class couple just moved back here from Detroit.  By the end of the performance they were nude playing music!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Painting Video - Teresa

Recorded March 29, 1986

SHE IS BACK!  This time doing nude poses for me to use in my oil paintings.  And she was a doctor!

More Teresa:,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Body Video - Teresa

Recorded September 1985

The thing to remember while watching this is she is a medical doctor.  If you have watched a few of my videos, you might have noticed people using their careers [usually future potential careers] as reasons to not play on video NOW even if they want to!  She kept coming back to do more erotic playing.

More Teresa:,

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Dressing" & "Gestures" - Tracy & Irene

Recorded February 24, 1986

No nudity in this...  But they are having way too much FUN!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gestures - Marnie

Recorded in the early 1980's.

After she does a Hindu dance for me, we talk about what I do...  Until I am so rudely interrupted!  [this was during the time when Linda and I were preparing to move out!]

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Deep Core Magic #44

Talking about why people leave just when things are getting good ...  Etc.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gestures - Nikolas & Chris

Recorded in the early 1980's.

We keep finding more NONFILMS in the closet!  This cute sexy joyful couple used GESTURES as an opportunity to explore each other's body for probably the first time!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Calling In Protection: A Cowgirl's Shamanic Journey

A performance by Erika Shaver-Nelson.
Recorded May, 2002.

Over ten years ago Erika saw a flier about a shamanistic performance artist, little old ME! She came to me for help with  this performance piece she was doing for her grad program at the university.  My main input to the actual piece was getting her to give up her guns!  It would be several more months until she would give up her clothes!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Deep Core Magic #43

In this episode we continue to read about THE DANCE WITH NO DANCERS.  We also talk about how a lot of viewers are trying to figure out if we GO ALL THE WAY when we are playing erotically together on the bed...  About how that pushes them to explore new possibilities!  That is why I will never answer that question!  But we do talk about how we could look even more like we are going all the way!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Deep Core Magic #42

The teaching deepened...  Talking about things like the difference between struggling [which is a healthy state] and suffering [which is an unhealthy state].  I tried to use abstract paintings to illustrate concepts of relationship dynamics.  I am not sure how successful that was!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Erotic Risk For Deep Love, August 3, 2013

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

This is simply one of the most satisfying, the most erotic juicy sexy joyful fun of my performances in years!  The audience for the most part took their part seriously.  This is especially true for two women who seemed to be determined to get as much out of it by going all the way into it!  One of them came to the San Francisco performance a few weeks ago, but didn't do apparently she came to this one prepared to joyfully play all the way!  These two opened up possibilities for everybody!  At times we had several rings of erotic rituals going on in the room at the same time!

And Megan, who came back from the last performance, said she wanted to work /study with me.  So this performance might be a start of a new trend!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Gestures - Danyell Pt. 1

Recorded in the early 1980s.

Found PART ONE in my huge closet!  We did put up PART TWO a few weeks ago.  Still no nudity!

Part 2:

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gestures - Teresa & Frank 1986

Recorded June 21, 1986.

Although we are fully clothed in this we reached a depth of relaxed intimate trance of rubbing bodies, extremely fun playful lusty warm cozy.  And she was a doctor!

More Teresa:,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gestures - Ulla

Recorded in the early 1980s.

This is good for stories about my work and life even though it stays in the talking stage.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Erotic Tribe

Recorded July 20, 2013 at the Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, California

This was in the beautiful space of THE CENTER FOR SEX AND CULTURE!  Great live music by THA ARCHIVEZ  aka my son and Tomek!  It turned out to be a performance of extreme transformation of liberating fun. But it was hard for me to see that happening for most of the night! I was dealing with resistance such as a group of dudes who wouldn't undress each other because THEY ARE NOT GAY!  But when they left, and after I walked out for a while, things got sexy, joyful, fun!  And try to guess who came up to me afterwards wanting to work with me in the performances!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Gestures - Allison

Recorded in the early 1980s.

Well, this is my trying to get Allison to be in my film based on GESTURES.  You probably know Allison from one of my most popular /most erotic videos!  And she did play a shy audience member in

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