Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lupin Western Naturists Conference, California, June 1990

We were invited to perform at the Western Naturist Gathering in 1990 which was being held in  Lupin,California in April, which is not a warm time in this area. It turned out that because of the damage done from the  Loma Prieta earthquake in October 1989, the building that normally would have been where we would have done our performance was condemned, so we had to do the performance outside, at night!  We, of course, were nude for the performance, "Eroplay-The Cave." We were cold during the day and mostly wore clothes while everyone else was nude. So at night for our performance it was much colder and everyone else had lots of clothes on except us!

Frank likes to tell the story ... as we led the people blindfolded into the cave (made from our backdrops) to play with Frank and his cave mate who were lying nude on the mat, Frank would gesture me to lead the "beefier" people to him to cuddle with and keep warm!
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