Saturday, October 11, 2014

Passion Underground - ATA, San Francisco, California

Recorded December 4, 1987

From the original poster:

You are invited to join in a five-hour ritual of reality-subversion by performance artist Frank Moore.

This is a journey into innocent immorality and sensual vulnerability. Your guide will be the black beast who reigns in this hidden realm of uncensored touching, silly play, and howling fun. Bring mats, pillows, or blankets.

“In performance, Moore takes advantage of his disadvantage, becoming an unlikely guide into the pleasures of the body, taking audiences where they would probably never go without the example of his vulnerability and trust … that Moore would be the one urging us to stay connected with our physical selves is both ironic and poetic…” C. Carr, Village Voice, May 26, 1987

“Frank Moore the Bay Area’s resident BĂȘte Noir/Flower Child … could bring back the participatory aspect of performance that dominated its salad days.” High Performance Magazine, November 1, 1987

First performed at 455- 10th Street, San Francisco, California, October 9, 1987.
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