Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reality Playings - October 24, 2009

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Oh well, I am writing this the night after Saturday’s performance. So I am doing reasonably well. There is such a thing as pre-performance syndrome [P.P.S.]. Often before a performance I start feeling funky physically. This usually fades either during or after the performance. Before the show on Saturday, I had a somewhat intense P.P.S. We have developed a theory that the P.P.S. forces the performance to be slower and deeper. This was true Saturday. And the symptoms of P.P.S. have disappeared today… leaving this intense head /face sinus ache… apparently not a part of P.P.S., but a seasonal curse! Darn! But I am able to write this, so…

P.P.S. did combine well with having a core group of Linda, Mikee, Jen, Erika, DA BOYZ, Kene-J on music, Unrulee and Nellie as experienced regular players of the series. All of this created a soft dreaminess into which the people who came….. and especially someone like Nicki, a practical playing enjoyer of life… can jump lustily into. All of this makes exploring playing, art, healing, erotic freedom, intimacy, and so on happen in new ways easy… or at least in a trance of fever within which not going all the way [whatever that means] just seems silly!

And Martha… you were here/there!

Now it may be time for my meds! So if you will excuse me…

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