Saturday, December 20, 2014

How Berkeley Can You Be? Festival

Recorded September 28, 2008
Frank Moore For President 2008

Last year (2007) HOW BERKELEY CAN YOU BE?! PARADE really marked the beginning of our taking our presidential campaign into the public. The year since then has been filled with campaign speeches, festivals, performances, interviews and other events. Last year I shook hundreds of hands and gave out over a thousand copies of my platform during the parade and at the festival afterwards. But last year there was a laid-back feeling. This year there were hours of extremely intense intimate inter-reactions/exchanges of hope and vision. It was non-stop…much more than at the other festivals. Many people knew about the campaign. A lot of people…all kinds of people….knew me/us from our public access cable shows [we are on tv in Berkeley and the surrounding towns every night for around 6 hours!]. It was extremely inspiring, if exhausting!
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