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The Rage Of Passion Tour, Il Corral, Los Angeles, August 12, 2005

The Cherotic All-stars was a big band that night … although we added even more members the next night at Suzy’s SPEAKEASY GALLERY []. Friday the band included Steve Davis on bass, Vinnie Spit on drums, Jackie Spit on percussion, Dr. Gruve blowing his brains out on harmonica, Oren Karpovsky on guitar, and Mikee on video … Erika, Linda and I on erotic infusion and vocals. Actually Erika made her début on the clarinet in this jam. To begin, I sat alone doing noise vocalizings, setting the base for the jam, for several minutes. Then the band slowly formed in a semi-circle so I could eye-lock with everyone (especially with Dr. Gruve, Vinnie and Jackie), playing off of them. It quickly dropped into a tribal groove of many layers, slides and strobes playing on nude skin, the music falling into the infusion created by the rubbing bodies, going into hidden valleys and climbing up holy mountains. At one point Erika and Linda left me to “get” (cuddle) with each member of the band … and to dance with each other, singing, playing the clarinet. Meanwhile I was wailing with the band! We jammed for an hour. EXTREMELY SATISFYING!

The Band:
Frank Moore - vocals, dancer
Linda Mac - vocals, dancer
Erika Shaver-Nelson - vocals, clarinet, dancer
Steve Davis - bass
Vinnie Spit - drums
Jackie - percussion
Russell P. Shuttleworth  - harmonica
Oren Karpovsky - guitar
Mikee LaBash - video

More about that tour here:
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