Saturday, September 13, 2014

Frank Moore - Hotel Utah, San Francisco, California February 28, 1995

Recorded as part of Barb Golden's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 party.

Now for the party of real slut artists who have fun with sex in both their lives and art. Our friend, Barbara Golden had a party to celebrate her new cd/book package at the HOTEL UTAH in San Francisco.

She invited her musician friends to play covers of her songs. Barbara had us go on first [even before my guitarist had arrived] so that we would set the level of outrageous freedom for the other acts.

I had Bonnie on trumpet, Corey on piano [they are my ISOLATION cast], and Toyoji Tomita on slide trombone [he has played with John Cage].

I sang CLIT ENVY straight....Bonnie sitting on my chair. As I sang BONER BOY, i played with Michael’s appropriate parts...if you get my drift. Then for TRASHY GIRLS, my voice became a horn. Linda did a going all the way strip to it which brought the house down.

The other acts were great musicians of very different styles, getting down funky...everybody getting inspired by the others...everybody eating Barb's food.

For the finale, Barb had us do an encore of our TRASHY GIRLS strip act.

It turned out the sound guy was the HOTEL UTAH's booking guy who has  refused to  book me, calling my demo video tape the most disturbing thing he has ever  seen  [I’m flattered!]...and why don't those [disabled] people stay in their place?! He sat through my set mouth open and hands over ears. After my set, he told the bartender, "After that, if need a drink!" I’m flattered!
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