Thursday, November 6, 2014

Going Deep To The Core At Ramen with Frank Moore #3 - Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

Recorded August 31, 2006 at Burnt Ramen, Richmond, California

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And it was time for the Cherotic All-Stars’ jam! Lob, Dr. O. and Zack [the only cherotic virgin of the night!] held onto their instruments. John the Baker took over the roto-toms. Dr. Gruve stepped in with his harmonica. Linda and Erika in only rings and pearls started tickling each other as they vocalized with me. Hey, I didn’t have on even rings or pearls! The tickling melted into dancing, rubbing together into each other, absorbing me into them, exploring secret inner places and pleasures, floating on the music, feeling the bass … music expanding into everything strobing multi-colors. The jam started there and floated deep into the warm body.

After the jam, John tried to do what will be seen at the beginning and at the end of every episode of the tv show. He tried and tried and tried. Those bloopers alone are enough reason to watch the show!
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