Friday, December 26, 2014

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band - Kimo's, January 4, 2001

Yep, a WILD night! 2 of my fav performers...FLUFFGRRL and john the baker...did kick-ass sets...and SOUND CHASER did very beautiful music.

And THE CHEROTIC ALL-STARS...what a band...john on guitar, gio on guitar and drums, walter funk on a tiny home-made synthesizer, lori surfer on theremin and gong and bugle, the slow poisoners' andy [sousaphone] and richard [melodica], fluffgrrl's bob on harmica, teresa on flute [for the first 2 minutes!], and linda [in an all fringe nude dress] and me [in a shocking pink skirt, slit all the way up both sides] doing vocals and doing a tansexual dance...soon joined by teresa [in a very mini skirt and a see-thru top]...judging from comments later, that hot babe stole the show! How erotic was it? Well, when mikee asked the she/he sound-person how much more time our set had left, she/he asked how much I needed to cum. that's how caring Kimo's is! [Yes, I did.]

People said the set was blind-blowing...going from full-blast hard-core raging chaos to tribal melting trance hanging outside reality.
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