Thursday, December 11, 2014

Frankly Speaking in the Berkeley History Room

Recorded August 9, 2014.

Mikee, Alexi, Corey and Linda were escorted into The History Room of the Berkeley Public Library by Jef the librarian to see Frankly Speaking on the shelf there!! And of course we documented it!!  Jef the Librarian graciously showed us into the room and asked us questions about Frank as we videoed!

From the Berkeley Public Library web site:
Berkeley History Room
Open to all
Materials from the Berkeley History Room must be used in the Berkeley History Room.
Open Mondays 3-7 pm and other hours by appointment.
Materials include books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, city directories, telephone books, maps, and other materials related to Berkeley history.

Frankly Speaking web site:
Frankly Speaking promo:
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