Friday, March 6, 2015

Lava Rocking Erotica - Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

Al's Bar in downtown Los Angeles, Friday, January 30, 1998

THE CHEROTIC ALL STARS were next. Ki-lin on guitar, Lob on bass, Barb and Corey on keyboards. Me in my rock star role belting out songs. Besides the band, I had a tape of the songs playing ... sort of audio subtitles. Cher (Linda) in a topless fake leopard hot non-covering play suit and wide open fringe leather vest joined me for THE BEAT GOES ON. (That act has transmuted since Sonny's death.) Then Heidi ... dressed only in ribbons, a little blue scarf, and a black see-through net top ... appeared on stage, dancing very sexy, rubbing me as I tried to focus on singing. In the middle of this, a woman from the audience (nope, she wasn't a plant) got on stage to join in the dancing and to sign the songs for any deaf people in the audience! Heidi and the signer left the stage. But the signer came back to sign my pleas and threats to the heartless and trashy RUBY (mini-skirted Linda) in the Kenny Roger's song. Lob and the two women left the stage while I did MIND GAMES. But he joined back in on MAGIC IS AFOOT, the last song.

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