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Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band - Burnt Ramen January 27, 2001

at Burnt Ramen, 111 Espee Ave, Richmond, California
Saturday, January 27, 2001, 8pm, $5
Tragedy (ex members of His Hero is Gone), Corpse Fucks Corpse, Fluff Grrl, and Dead and Gone

From Frank to the e-salon, Monday, January 29, 2001:

We here have been fighting the Kimo’s virus for the last two weeks … I got it from Fluff Grrl’s Bob at the Kimo’s gig. That is why the esalon has been so quiet. The only thing I did during that time is the Shaman’s Den and a poetry reading at Café International … the show has to go on!

In fact, I didn’t feel completely better until Bob kissed my cock (… or was it when I felt Barb up … or when Linda tansexually writhed on me?) on stage Friday at John the Baker’s Burnt Ramen … go figure! Awesome 10-person band … Bob, Barney and Goeff/Kristen from Fluff Grrl, Barb, John, Gio, Teresa, Linda and me … and Anne, Bob’s wife, whom I drafted into the band after I heard her sing during Fluff Grrl’s set before ours. We took the wall of sound to a new level. People even clapped after the set … a rarity at a “punk club”!

I have to say Burn Ramen is about the best club I have played at! It’s pure underground! And the dogs running everywhere are a nice touch!

I am so much better that I took on a new age “anti-racist” racist last night!

In Freedom
Frank Moore

The Cherotic All-Star Band:
Barb Golden
John the Baker
Geoff Rowland (Fluff Grrl Bass player)
Barney (Fluff Grrl Theremin)
Ann Krist (Bob’s wife)
Bob Madigan
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