Friday, March 6, 2015

CAL-ACT Benefit, Humanist Hall, Oakland, California

Recorded December 5, 1992.

Another forgotten gem!

This is one of two benefits for Berkeley-based CAL-ACT (Californians Against Censorship) that we performed in in 1992.

The first one was at the Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrell Theater on June 14, 1992 where Frank danced erotically nude on stage with Nina Hartley. Unfortunately we were not able to document that one for legal reasons!

At this one while Frank sang along with Queen's song, "I Want it All" and Beasts of Bourbon's "Lonesome Bones" nude Mikee and Tina (Frank's student at the time) danced erotically together while covering each other in glitter, chocolate and whipped cream, and almost nude me (Linda) stalked the audience with my monster, nude Alexi, who was on all fours, until we found our victim who was devoured by Alexi while she laid on the floor next to Frank in the strobe lights. (The "Meat Act" from the OBR days!) It ends with the victim being resurrected and we all stand together and sing Sonny and Cher's "Somebody" (You've got to have somebody!!)

From the poster:
CAL-ACT (Californians Against Censorship Together) will hold a benefit on December 5, at 8 PM at the Humanist Fellowship Hall, 411 28th Street, Oakland, California. At this “Uncensored Evening With …” The performers include Stoney Burke, street comedian and political commentator; Bobby Lilly, Chairperson of CAL-ACT; Mark Pritchard, performance artist and editor of Frighten the Horses; Carol Queen, writer and performer; Frank Moore, controversial Bay Area performance artist known for his erotic ritualistic performances; Richard Pacheco, writer and former adult actor; Marcy Steiner, writer and editor of ON OUR BACKS; and SHAR associate editor of ON OUR BACKS and San Francisco’s Hottest Femme dancer.

The readings and performances at this event are sexually explicit and Not Politically Correct!
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