Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reality Playings - June 26, 2009

Recorded at Temescal Art Center,


Last night was a great birthday present.  At the end of the performance, I kept saying it was the  “best “ performance we have done…  Which is really a meaningless statement.  What is “the best”?  But it was equal to the UCB performances and the one in Brooklyn.  In some performances you have to squeeze possibilities out of rocks!  Other performances are a flood of possibilities and potential paths that you need to weave together the best you can.  This was that kind.  Some of the potentials slipped through without being fully developed…  Such as the woman who did nonlinear nonverbal art therapy.  But it was a feast of willing people hungry for going deep within experimental play together.  Of course the night started with an uptight woman.  This time she was in a wheelchair.  Her attendant brought her because she said she wanted to participate.  But it was quickly revealed that she wanted to keep on being a crip. But the space quickly filled up with people who wanted to play and to sing with her.  It became obvious that she did not want to drop her mask!

And there was the future minister made dense by dogma.

But the rest were ready to jam and dance and play, ready to put on almost nude costumes.  Even the conversation was aroused making love.  Ava Bird, the poet, read some of her poems about pussies, backed up musically by Tomek and Kene-J, while people undressed one another and put on the costumes.  Then the musicians created a sexy musical ecstasy in which people danced into a tansexual trance, quivering flesh of pleasure of deep contact.  Carol Swan began to vocalize non-verbal eerie wails, destroying time.  Ava did an immensely rich full amazing reading of the first twenty pages of my novel, THE INNER MAZE, understanding everything, giving context to the ever changing dance.  Everything meshed together!  To put it simply, everything kept getting deeper, showing what is possible.  And it was so much fun!

This series is clearly building!

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