Saturday, May 10, 2014

Devi's Process - Castles On Devi

Recorded in the late 1970's.

Starting in the mid seventies I was doing forty eight hour private performances which I called PROCESSES.  This video starts and ends with bits from one of the processes at my Berkeley studio.  For one of the bits for this process I got a great female sculptor to be nude and create a medieval town in clay on the nude body of Devi while I sang with THE ANIMALS!  Then the video switches to other bits from other processes.  We then find ourselves in my Berkeley night club, THE BLIND LEMON, during a rehearsal of my band [this was before I took over the lead singer role] THE SUPERHEROS.  it looks like we were auditioning for second lead singer with Ami [or the female was the Hollywood actress a producer flew up to try out for a movie about us which didn't get made].  The video switches back to the medieval town now with people, dragons, etc.
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