Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Art, Medicine & Disability" - UC Berkeley, October 23, 2002

Guest lecturer at Katherine Sherwood's class, "Art, Medicine & Disability".

I was asked to lecture to this university class about my work, philosophy, and life.  It turned out that both the art department and the drama department had been teaching about my work for years.  The lecture was so effective that the art department agreed to sponsor a series of performances by me.  But after just one well attended performance, the art department freaked out and withdrew its sponsorship because the local weekly paper did a great cover story about me with an Annie Sprinkle photograph of nude Linda and clothed me on the  cover.  For a week on every street corner, in every cafe, etc in the bay area was that cover!  It was too high profile for the art department!  But, with the help of a sexy radical co-ed, I continued doing the series underground on the campus!
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