Monday, May 19, 2014

Reality Playings - July 10, 2009

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Well, the performance was so intense, I couldn’t type until now! When I got into bed after the performance, my legs cramped up bad! And they stayed that way for twenty-four hours! But was it worth it? You bet!

Basically it built on the last one with Nellie and Unrulee coming back and Tomek and Kene-J playing music. It was a kind of thing where I was faced with a roomful of strong personalities willing to jump into possibilities and fully play! But they were a diverse group. I had to weave something together to tap the possibilities and potential. Like Neil and Petra were strong dancers /performers in their own right. And Nellie and Unrulee are erotic explorers. And Tomek and Kene-J are now used to creating a musical ecstasy base for floating into juicy trances. And of course there are Linda, Mikee, Jen, Alexi, Corey and Erika to build upon. But this time there were many threads to weave together. And in my carnival barker way, I had predicted this would be “hotter“ than the last one! I always know this is just colorful smoke. I don’t feel any pressure expectations to live up to this smoke. But some did. It was in fact hotter! But it was because of the willingness of the people there. Frankly we were just getting to the juicy molten meat when the time ran out! So next time JUICY MOLTEN MEAT!

But hopefully we are still underground now that we are THE EAST BAY EXPRESS‘ Critic’s Choice! [with a photo!]
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