Thursday, January 2, 2014

Deep Core Magic #1 - "The Audition"

Most of my work is done in my studio, THE CAVE OF LILA, working with a student one on one, doing magical erotic rituals creating altered states of aroused intimacy while revealing how life really works, using my book CHEROTIC MAGIC REVISED as the base line.  Obviously I could not video these Sessions.  So I created this fictitious [?] television series to show what happened in THE CAVE.  Little did I know how long it would run.

The cover story of the show was I put out a call for an actress for the series.  When an actress called, I told her to come to my performance that night to audition.  She did.  This first episode is a part of that performance /her audition.  The dance ritual she did with Linda and me was so juicy sweaty erotic intimate that the back up band freaked out, packed up and ran out during the dance!

Now, do you believe the cover story that the actress just came to the performance or that I had been working with her for weeks getting her prepared?

Oh, I just love to play with reality!
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