Monday, January 27, 2014

CP, The Colorful Pedestrian - raw footage

This video is by far the most warmly erotic of my videos!  When I put up GESTURES [ ], it reminded me of this video because Allison was the plant in that performance.  This video was the first time I worked with Allison.

I was in a bad film.  Not only could my co-star not act, she would barely touch me!  We were lovers in the film.  She disappeared before the end of shooting and the director had to go back to Los Angeles.  So I took over.  One of the things I did was to get a body double who looked nothing like the bitch.  Allison was a great actor and totally comfortable with nudity and eroticism.  Most of this video is she and I nude erotically playing together fully and juicy fun cosy explicit exploration.  I GOT A LOT OUT OF BEING IN A BAD FILM!

Gestures - Allison:
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