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Saturday, November 26, 1994 at the Chameleon Club, S.F.

This is the first ever performance of Frank Moore's Cherotic All Star Band! This is when Frank was still singing along with recorded music. Among the Cherotic All Stars is John Seabury on guitar (of Psycotic Pineapple) and Barb Golden on keyboard (of Wig Band) and Corey on keyboards. Mikee and Linda join Frank for some of the songs.

Song List

Magic Mirror (Leon Russell) 4:54
Who Am I (Country Joe) 4:03
I Am Woman (Helen Reddy) 3:04
I Believe In You (Bob Dylan) 5:03
The Beat Goes On (Sonny & Cher) 3:27
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) 2:45
Mind Games (John Lennon) 4:12

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Raw Footage - Out of Isolation - tape 4

Recorded June 21, 1987.
More raw footage from the original Out of Isolation video with Frank & Linda Sibio.
We shot this at Rachel Rosenthal's performance space over a three day period in 1987.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Night Of Taboo Passions

Friday, May 5, 2006
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
Burnt Ramen, Richmond, CA

Well, Friday’s gig at burnt ramen was coming home. I have said ramen is my favorite place to play music at. Full-volume, no frills, pure underground! We have played there a lot! We sat around waiting for the bands and an audience to appear … talking to John the Baker (the guiding spirit of Ramen) and Steve. Steve and I go back 40 years! He and I had a long visit the night before. We hadn’t seen each other in 35 years! He was a major player in my life … the first person who dared to give me LSD in college, drove me from San Bernardino to hippiedom Santa Fe, dropping me off at a Digger-style commune. When he, a few months later, followed my wheel tracks and moved to Santa Fe, we lived together in an extended family … etc. He drove from Santa Barbara to play his stand-up bass in the jam…and spent his day buying a new effects box for the gig.

As we sat there, John started telling us that A LOT of the punks who come to ramen have told him they are fans of my shows on B-TV … watching episodes multiple times! I had known we have a large black audience, judging from the reaction on the street when I go downtown. But it is good to know that we are corrupting … er … I mean educating … the YOUTH! At the end of the night, John proposed I do a show at ramen once a month with local bands (and of course Cherotic All-Star jams!) to get ramen bands on B-TV. The title could possibly be Going to the Core @ Ramen with Frank Moore. We talked about starting shooting it in July. Funny how things keep opening up. It’s also funny that I’ve been connected to the punk scene for 30 years.

As people came in, we gave each person a complete library of the Sons of Skip Skiffington and the Tortured cds. We also played them between sets. The guy who is behind both bands is always creating new cds and is always sending us many copies of each to give away. It would be scary if the dude wasn’t so good! We gave him his own LUVeR show just to use all of his hit material! He ain’t no fool! But we either have to build another house to store his cds, or do more live gigs just to give away his cds … or rent a plane to drop Skip Skiffington’s shit over Berkeley!

The audience was invisible! It looked like nobody was there. But we about broke even … which is quite good for a LUVeR benefit. Nobody minded not seeing the audience. We overheard John telling some people I was to blame for him starting to book bands and for ramen! I get blamed for everything! John was the first act we saw at W.E.Fest in Willington, N.C. in 98. He was a solo act from Woodstock. He blew us away! We spent hours talking to him on the sidewalk after the show the first night of the festival. But when we got home, there was an e-mail from him confessing he didn’t come to my 2 sets at the festivals … just sat outside … because he was scared! So when he came to San Francisco with his band, The Banned, he had me double billed with them…in fact, I sang in his band, and they joined my All-Stars. He said that show opened up possibilities for him. So he stayed here…wormed his way into a recording studio in an old produce warehouse…first to live, but quickly built a funky theater for hard core bands. The rest is history! I get blamed for everything … including history!

But enough history! Back to the gig! The night looked like one band that kept expanding, evolving, getting more and more “out there” as the night went on. Unfortunately The Urban Monks had a divorce before the show. So the first band was The Shenanigoats, a great, fun, four-piece punky band from Sacramento. With them you were pretty sure where you were at. But when Instagon came to bat, the magical weirdness began! The thing about them is they are NEVER the same web of players! This time it was Lob (my musical director for decades!) on bass, Dr. Oblivious (my other musical director) on keyboard, Lena the Jaw Harp Queen playing everything but the jaw harp, Chris on the banjo (and maybe guitar), and The Shenanigoats’ drummer (Skott) and guitarist (Jim). They had the familiar structure of songs, tunes, numbers … they did a trippy Inagadadavita. But you found yourself floating down the Mississippi on a strawberry and chocolate marshmallow raft!

Read the rest here:

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Reality Playings - October 24, 2009

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Oh well, I am writing this the night after Saturday’s performance. So I am doing reasonably well. There is such a thing as pre-performance syndrome [P.P.S.]. Often before a performance I start feeling funky physically. This usually fades either during or after the performance. Before the show on Saturday, I had a somewhat intense P.P.S. We have developed a theory that the P.P.S. forces the performance to be slower and deeper. This was true Saturday. And the symptoms of P.P.S. have disappeared today… leaving this intense head /face sinus ache… apparently not a part of P.P.S., but a seasonal curse! Darn! But I am able to write this, so…

P.P.S. did combine well with having a core group of Linda, Mikee, Jen, Erika, DA BOYZ, Kene-J on music, Unrulee and Nellie as experienced regular players of the series. All of this created a soft dreaminess into which the people who came….. and especially someone like Nicki, a practical playing enjoyer of life… can jump lustily into. All of this makes exploring playing, art, healing, erotic freedom, intimacy, and so on happen in new ways easy… or at least in a trance of fever within which not going all the way [whatever that means] just seems silly!

And Martha… you were here/there!

Now it may be time for my meds! So if you will excuse me…

Photos and more:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Raw Footage - Out Of Isolation - tape1

A surreal erotic examination of an intimate relationship of need. 1989. For my poem that this is based on, go to
Footage recorded June 19, 1987.
See the edited video here:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Going Deep To The Core At Ramen with Frank Moore - Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

Recorded at Burnt Ramen Studio, Richmond, California on February 15, 2007.

Visit the new channel for this series:

Monday, September 15, 2014

B-TV honors Frank Moore

Recorded December 20, 2013 at the studios of Berkeley Community Media, home of B-TV, Berkeley's public access channel.

Celebrating the Life and Work of Frank Moore
Frank Moore was a revolutionary thinker, artist and provocative performer helping to keep the vision of Free Speech alive and well at Berkeley Community Media with his show "Frank Moore's Unlimited Possibilities." We are gathering in his honor to share our stories of him and what he has meant to our community!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Frank Moore - Hotel Utah, San Francisco, California February 28, 1995

Recorded as part of Barb Golden's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 party.

Now for the party of real slut artists who have fun with sex in both their lives and art. Our friend, Barbara Golden had a party to celebrate her new cd/book package at the HOTEL UTAH in San Francisco.

She invited her musician friends to play covers of her songs. Barbara had us go on first [even before my guitarist had arrived] so that we would set the level of outrageous freedom for the other acts.

I had Bonnie on trumpet, Corey on piano [they are my ISOLATION cast], and Toyoji Tomita on slide trombone [he has played with John Cage].

I sang CLIT ENVY straight....Bonnie sitting on my chair. As I sang BONER BOY, i played with Michael’s appropriate parts...if you get my drift. Then for TRASHY GIRLS, my voice became a horn. Linda did a going all the way strip to it which brought the house down.

The other acts were great musicians of very different styles, getting down funky...everybody getting inspired by the others...everybody eating Barb's food.

For the finale, Barb had us do an encore of our TRASHY GIRLS strip act.

It turned out the sound guy was the HOTEL UTAH's booking guy who has  refused to  book me, calling my demo video tape the most disturbing thing he has ever  seen  [I’m flattered!]...and why don't those [disabled] people stay in their place?! He sat through my set mouth open and hands over ears. After my set, he told the bartender, "After that, if need a drink!" I’m flattered!

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The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun - March 26, 2011

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Well, finally I am getting to writing about this performance!  For the last week I had to focus on doing an in-depth interview for an online art magazine.

During the eighties I did a performance series at the University of California Berkeley for over three years.  Sometimes we had a roomful of people.  Sometimes as few as one!  And sometimes I just had a cast who thought one another were the REAL audience [besides the janitors who kept sweeping outside of the room so they could peek in].  My favorite performances were when few people came, but when they came willing to play.

Last week’s performance was like that.  It has been years since so few came.  And right away the older couple who found themselves in the wrong reality [when a guy started undressing Linda, Erika and I] left…  Well, actually the CIA agent left before they did after I blew his cover!  Who were left were Marc the depressed artist and Eric the musician who came to audition to play at the performances.  Both came to play!  When I asked Marc to create a sculpture using Linda, Erika and I, he didn’t stare dumbly at me like most people do when I ask them to do similar things.  He just went to work and stretched the form into a parade to the great music of Eric.  And he was willing to play drums with Eric even though he didn’t think he could play drums!  Mmmmmm, did Marc blow his cover as a depressed artist?

A very satisfying performance indeed!

More photos, etc.:

Frank Moore sings Bing Crosby - XMAS 1991

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The Rage Of Passion Tour, Il Corral, Los Angeles, August 12, 2005

The Cherotic All-stars was a big band that night … although we added even more members the next night at Suzy’s SPEAKEASY GALLERY []. Friday the band included Steve Davis on bass, Vinnie Spit on drums, Jackie Spit on percussion, Dr. Gruve blowing his brains out on harmonica, Oren Karpovsky on guitar, and Mikee on video … Erika, Linda and I on erotic infusion and vocals. Actually Erika made her début on the clarinet in this jam. To begin, I sat alone doing noise vocalizings, setting the base for the jam, for several minutes. Then the band slowly formed in a semi-circle so I could eye-lock with everyone (especially with Dr. Gruve, Vinnie and Jackie), playing off of them. It quickly dropped into a tribal groove of many layers, slides and strobes playing on nude skin, the music falling into the infusion created by the rubbing bodies, going into hidden valleys and climbing up holy mountains. At one point Erika and Linda left me to “get” (cuddle) with each member of the band … and to dance with each other, singing, playing the clarinet. Meanwhile I was wailing with the band! We jammed for an hour. EXTREMELY SATISFYING!

The Band:
Frank Moore - vocals, dancer
Linda Mac - vocals, dancer
Erika Shaver-Nelson - vocals, clarinet, dancer
Steve Davis - bass
Vinnie Spit - drums
Jackie - percussion
Russell P. Shuttleworth  - harmonica
Oren Karpovsky - guitar
Mikee LaBash - video

More about that tour here:
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