Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dancing Skin - Earthpeople Comedy Club, Berkeley, California May 10, 2003

I consider this representative or symbolic erotic rather than actual erotic.  It is hard to generate actual erotic aroused energy in a live performance which is shorter than thirty minutes.  And of course I always prefer actual erotic aroused energy!

Actually this was so erotic that it got me booked at the Harbin Hot Springs.  Actually this video was so erotic that it freaked out the Harbin Powers that be when the guy who booked me showed them this video!  They told him it was inappropriate, too erotic, that I could just read my poems...  No nudity or erotic dancing!  So I picked poems about censorship.  But when we got to Harbin, there were nude bodies everywhere...  And a lot of them were fucking in the bushes!  It became obvious the problem wasn't nudity or eroticism, but my nude erotic disabled body.  So as my poems were being read, backed up musicaly by a guy I met a hour ago, I danced with Linda and Kirstin nude erotically, as the MC turned beat red.  Unfortunately they didn't allow us to video this or my much more explicit after hours performance which some people requested.
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