Thursday, February 27, 2014

Beauty Contest Prelim - September 21, 1978 / mud painting from Connie's PROCESS with Elizabeth - circa 1978

This is hot from the transfer place!  In fact, we here had not watched it until today because it was in a box of reel to reel videos we thought were stolen in the late seventies.  We had a hard time finding a transfer place that didn't freak out by the nudity!  But it was absolutely worth it!

The first half of the video is in my Berkeley store front theater when Steve Hoffman, Jackie, and Mariah showed me some of their acts for the upcoming OUTRAGEOUS BEAUTY CONTEST [which would transform into THE OUTRAGEOUS BEAUTY REVUE].

Then the video switches to nude Elizabeth painting nude Connie in mud in my theater.  This was a part of one of the Forty-eight hour PROCESSES I was doing at the time.  A person [Connie in this case] would hire me to create, and take her through, a transforming experience.  This might be HOUR TWENTY!
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