Friday, May 24, 2013

The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun, March 3, 2012

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

Saturday’s performance can be called THE INVASION OF THE NO PEOPLE.  They came, according to them, because of the possibilities of SEX, SHAMANISM, and NUDE DANCING GIRLS [a woman gave the last as the motivation for her coming].  They had watched videos of past performances.  So they knew what they were getting into.  But they were not willing to do anything, even helping Linda to undress me!  I have been getting people to undress me at performances for decades with no problem.  But now people have forgotten that you get what you are willing to give.  And if you want nude dancing girls, take your clothes off!  They didn’t get much from the performance AND THEY WERE SATISFIED WITH THAT!  This low expectation is extremely disturbing.  Even though they watched videos of past performances, they used my videoing the performance as their reason for their NOs.  Again I have been videoing the performances for decades with no problem.  Any bets that they would open up if I turned off the camera?  And I can’t let fear dictate the performance.  Two college guys said they could only stay until nine o’clock to get home safely!  After years of playing at punk clubs and performance spaces in the dangerous parts of town, we are performing in a good neighborhood.  You are in deep shit if you are in your twenties and are that afraid!

At least Tomek played great music!
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