Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Outrageous Beauty Revue

This raw video documents the tacky, musical, over-the-edge comedy revue that Frank created, directed and performed in. The show ran on a weekly basis for three and one half years at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, starting in 1978, in addition to a number of other Northern California and Nevada performances. Frank performed along with the thirty people who made up his theater group, "the theatre of human melting".

"A stinking success….Outrageously obscene….Dynamic….Total madness" Ivan Sharpe, San Francisco Examiner

"The inundation of freaks, exhibitionists and the seriously deranged was so heartening" John Wasserman, San Francisco Chronicle

"Mondo Bizarro" Bay Guardian

"A great time with…wacky routines and erotic dress." The Spectator

National Critics said:
"Underneath…lies a certain perverse genius."
"Chuck Barris can’t even compete with The Theater of Human Melting."
"A rollicking theater featuring everything from comedy to musical performances and oddball entertainment."
"If yours is a demented state of mind, you’ll love the show."
"A stage show unlike any you have ever seen."

"We haven’t heard the last of the Fab Mab. Hot on the heels of the recent live reunion show for survivors of the ‘70’s-80’s punk-rock sanctuary comes a new documentary video, The Outrageous Beauty Revue, that captures one of the legendary Mabuhay Gardens’ most perplexing regular events. The OBR shows were evidently bizarre enough to impress the likes of Karen Finley and the late John Wasserman, and filmmaker Frank Moore was there to capture it, another piece of eccentric San Francisco pop culture history: nudity, lunacy, and the Theater of Human Melting." The Express "Over There" 6/30/00
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