Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frank Moore's Cabinet Of Dreams - L.A.C.E.

Recorded 7.26.92 at L.A.C.E., Los Angeles.

Between when THE OUTRAGEOUS BEAUTY REVUE died in the early eighties and when I started jamming with my CHEROTIC ALL STAR BAND in the nineties, one thing I did was sing as THE ROCK STAR in clubs, wailing to taped songs which I ordered into a musical journey up to two hours. This is the ultimate example of THE ROCK STAR! Beautifully lit and shot! Every so often Linda Mac joined me to do one of our hits. And halfway through everything got erotic surreal ritualized wrapping rocking! But please piss before you watch this or you shall piss your pants when I do duets with Mikee! And if you don't want to see blood, be sure to turn it off before the end when an over aroused audience member has her way with me when I am trying to keep singing!
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