Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Free Tribal Hot Skin Passion Music/Dance Jam

Surf Reality, New York City 9/19/02

Go with us beyond time and space into the inner planet known as lila. Witness the primal warm passion naked erotic ritual of tribal melting into playing, long and slow, melting into bodies of sexual colors!

This is the second time I performed at SURF REALITY in N.Y.C.

I think there is never one single performance.  Instead, there is a web work of an infinite number of pieces expanding from before what is commonly thought of as THE PERFORMANCE to long after THE PERFORMANCE.  It is impossible to see or know all of this web work.  To show what I mean, I had two cameras shoot this.  And they focused on entirely different erotic details, creating two remarkably different performances!  

This video includes both cameras/versions.  The second version focuses on erotic details. First version by Michael LaBash. Second version by Les Barany. 
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