Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wrapping/Rocking @ The Intersection

Recorded March 14, 1986 at The Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, California

This is the Wrapping/Rocking ritual toward the beginnings of it's life. We called this performance at The Intersection "The Ritual Cave".

Frank's description:
The Ritual Cave is a throw-back to a time long long ago when art was not just to view, when art was a magical release into a realm of all possibilities beyond time and limitation. Come into THE RITUAL CAVE and be pulled into the cozy semi-darkness of childhood dreams.

From their event calendar:

March 4 & 15

Frank Moore presents THE RITUAL CAVE, an exploration of childhood dreams and a time when art provided a realm of endless possibilities. Congenitally disabled and wheelchair-bound by cerebral palsy, performance artist Moore creates unorthodox works that evoke child-like playfulness and freedom from the emotions of isolation and fear.

A performance by Frank Moore
With Mary Esch & Linda Mac.
Poem "Wrapping/Rocking" by Frank Moore read by Gary Thomsen
Video by Dean Briggs
With paintings by Debbie Moore
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