Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Passion Dancing into Skin Intimacy

Recorded July 24, 2004
Wild Cat Studio, Berkeley, California

Well, last night’s performance is the kind of thing where I don’t think much happened, but years later, somebody will come up to us and say that night changed his life.

Oh sure, there was an audience…which covered the studio rental…which means we can do another one there.  Sure, there was great live music by Dr. O., Keith, and a great guitarist…to which Erika, Kirsten, Linda and I nude skin explicitly, intimately danced together. Sure, living sculptures were created by and with audience members. But I had to struggle hard to get there! It was a night of “no’s”…even to simple requests. They were there wanting magic to happen. But they weren’t willing to invest themselves to make magic happen. For example…after an easy time getting someone to undress Linda…I had to pull teeth for about an hour to get people to undress the willing Kirsten and Erika! Figure that one out!

Frank Moore

poster text:

an inter-active journey into deep love
by shamanistic performance artist Frank Moore,
friends, lovers, special guests, and you.

Saturday, July 24, 2004
8pm til 11pm
$5-$50 sliding scale

Wild Cat Studio, Berkeley
2525 – 8th Street (at Dwight Way)
Studio #15 Berkeley

bring pillow/blanket, musical instruments.
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