Saturday, February 14, 2015

Frank Moore For President Campaign Stop, Cafe Leila, Berkeley, California

Recorded January 21, 2008

I swear, I’ll die from having a rich life! Last night quite a few people showed up for my campaign speech...especially considering it was a rainy holiday night. A guy came with a campaign song he had written for me…I had him sing it. Then Tom Sanders read his introduction of me.

Here’s what DA BOYZ wrote:

"It was lots of fun setting up for the gig, putting up all the banners, etc., seeing Tom Sanders arrive, Carl Lasagna! ... and then before you knew it, it was beginning!

It was very cozy in that little alcove, and Tom's intro to Frank was fiery, poetic and right on!  And then Frank's "speech", which, translated into our reality, was more of a journey into an alternative model of reality, through Frank/this life into new governing models, new social models, new approaches to public service, and then back again into Frank and us ...  What other candidate does, or even could, use his own family/community as an example in this way?  It was really deep, and we were saying later that it took a certain special kind of person to be able to grill a candidate presenting such a vision.  We felt that most people, including ourselves, were too much overtaken by the feeling/vision of these possibilities to even begin to think critically about them, or maybe also, wouldn't want to!  Carl Bryant or Gerald were people who could do it!  It was amazing that the young guy and gal had been following Frank's campaign that he had even bought the t-shirt, and came to the event from a flier!  And we loved what Stefan said about Frank's piece, after spending two hours watching the "leading" democratic candidates say nothing, and take a lot longer to say it.  It was neat to find out later that there were several other folks sitting in the main eating area who had come specifically for Frank's campaign stop ..."

And tomorrow the Swedish TV crew is coming back for more shooting. And now a British disability magazine has asked me to write a piece [for pay!] about my running for president. Amazing!

In Freedom, 
Frank Moore
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