Tuesday, February 17, 2015

B-TV 20th Anniversary Live Cable TV Special

Recorded December 6, 2014.

It is always so much fun reading Frank's amazing poems and last night was no exception.

After bragging about Frank's almost 15 years of producing his 2 1/2 hour weekly show, Unlimited Possibilities (this week's show is episode #600!) for B-tv and mentioning the other two shows that still play as replays on B-tv (Going Deep to the Core at Burnt Ramen with Frank Moore and Deep Core Magic) and then mentioning that Frank brought Dr. Suzy to Berkeley and continues as sponsor of Suzy's weekly, very popular show, I ended by reminding people that Frank was on the forefront of the fight to keep uncensored adult programming on B-tv.

I introduced the reading of the poems by saying that I have been reading Frank's poems for almost 40 years but up until a year ago Frank always read them with me, so ...  That was Erika's cue to hit play on the CD player and out came Frank's voice booming and then I started reading. Super great!! Our wonderful Tomek came and set up his rig of music-making contraptions and played along in that amazing way that he does with the poems and Frank's voice.

I read three poems (instead of the four that we had planned). Brian cut us short because he fell way behind schedule and it was a live TV show. Perhaps I tried to bully a bit to read that last poem, but he didn't go for it!!

Then to our surprise, Kirk Lumpkin was the next performer and he started out with an intro about knowing who he would be following and so read his amazing poem that he wrote for Frank after Frank's passing.

It was a great night.
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