Friday, January 16, 2015

Pornography, No?

Recorded April 10, 1984. University of California, Berkeley.

This is what Frank wrote for this performance in 1984:

Finding alternatives to pornography, exploring the line between limiting sexism and liberating eroticism, and creating an environment through art where this alternative can take root are the themes of this performance.

It is a battle, a sensual fight against all odds, a naked battle against Hollywood, against romanticism and advertising and the church and sexism and the state and isolation and pornography. This is a war … a war of playful eroticism … a war of creation and of play and of art. It is a war to create a beach head in the society and in our minds in which the erotic possibility of adult physical play in child innocence exist. This is the aim of eroart.

It is somehow easier to fight, to get injured, to even die for your ideals than it is to play for your ideals, to be vulnerable and naked for what you believe in. This is why there is a lot of anti-porn protests, but there is very little alternative erotic art.

So tonight, if you like the ideas, if they sound like what you feel like … think about putting your bodies and your creativeness behind your erotic ideals … tonight … but also in the real world. There is no pressure to do anything, except the pressure of the logic of the ideals. If you don’t agree with the erotic ideals, you are off the hook. But if you agree with the erotic ideals, the challenge to put your body where your ideals are may be uncomfortable. But all is fair in love, war and art. This is an art war!
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