Monday, January 19, 2015

Frank Moore's 61st Birthday Jam

Recorded June 24, 2007.

Yep, what a great birthday party and jam! I’ll let Erika and Da Boyz tell it in detail. But it was a mixing of some of the important [not the right word] people/characters of the last 37 years of my 61 years…back to 72 with David Patton from the commune all the way to the present…sitting with Linda watching all of the aspects of our life intermingling together, jamming/playing together…even the rich guy who owns half of the neighborhood and with whom over the years we have had heated battles. He and his wife joined lustfully in the jam and afterwards talked about how it transformed him! Hey, that is the kind of parties and dinners we will have in the White House after I’m elected! My running for president was the theme of the party! Erika and Da Boyz worked hard to create the set/environment that transformed everything! But, hey, they are professionals. And we had many veteran cherotic all-stars jamming. So that the new people…including the 8-year old neighbor kid...could slip right in.

Everything blew me away! I’m lucky to love these people! Fuck! Read on:
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