Tuesday, March 18, 2014

San Francisco Art Institute Six hour Performance, March 4, 1978 / Forty eight hour process for Rod, Berkeley

We just got this back from the transfer service!  We were not sure what was on it!  The first half of the video is a part of the six hour performance I did at the San Francisco art institute years before I went there for my masters.  I had the art students mix up my secret magical glop and pour it on me lying nude on the floor.  Then Mariah, Linda, Ken and Amy all nude joined me in the messy dirty orgy of sliding rubbing pleasure on one another.  But the most controversial part of this performance was me informing the art students that they, not the janitors, would clean up the room.  It took hours of talking, but they restored the room!

But the video cuts to one of my forty eight hour processes at my Berkeley store front theater.  With the help of THE ROLLING STONES, I revealed who I really was!
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