Sunday, November 20, 2011

Uncomfortable Zones of Fun, June 25, 2011

Frank Moore’s The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun
experiments in experience/participation performance
Recorded at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, California
Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is the performance we did last Saturday (my sixty fifth birthday). 

Well, sometimes I have an actor planted in the audience as an extremely uptight and extremely irrational person. This person sucks up all the hesitation from the room, making being afraid look so silly to the rest of the audience that they jump fully into the meat of the performance if only to not to be like him. "The artist's model" played this role perfectly! But this group didn't need such a plant. They came to play to change society! Quite a few had come to past performances and understood what was happening on deeper layers. And the new people were using art in their lives as their means to change society. So this just took them to a new level. The artist's model just provided the right amount of resistance so that we could explore important issues. 

And then we melted much deeper than ever before in performance into direct explicit erotic friction rubbing pleasure arousing states of play which released great amounts of freedom and exploring of intimacy. This was made possible in part by Nat's lusty willingness to rub Linda and me into her without any limits as we rocked and danced extremely nakedly together to the music of Tomek and his playmates. But others matched Nat's amazing beautiful sexy willingness while playing gestures together. This opened new doors in their relationships! WHAT A WAY TO SPEND MY BIRTHDAY!

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