Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Performance Segments 1990

This is a hidden treasure we just dug out of the very bottom box of oldest tapes!

It was something Frank edited together when we were trying to get booked to perform at spaces to show them what we had done.

It starts out with our classic singing of the Sonny & Cher song "Somebody" from the Berkeley Square show in 1988. Then it goes into the Cave segment of the ritual performance "Inner Traveling" that  we did at the Northwest Artists Workshop in Portland in 1989. The next segments are from "Journey to Lila" when we performed it for 2 weekend nights at EZTV in Los Angeles. One of the segments from this performance features Carlos chanting Frank's writings in one of the last performances Carlos did with us. Frank had him playing the Dying Man, wearing a sign around his neck "I HAVE AIDS". Frank believed in type casting. Although not seen in these segments, at the beginning of this performance Frank had people individually led into a small tent at the beginning of the performance where nude Carlos with his I HAVE AIDS sign around his neck would talk to them about how dying is not something to be feared and is not something that is painful in and of itself.

The final performance included in these segments is the performance ritual Wrapping/Rocking that we did at The Sixth Sense Gallery in N.Y.C. in 1987 that was featured in the film MONDO NEW YORK. Veronica Vera rocked with Frank while Annie Sprinkle and Sabina wrapped them and I read Frank's poem.
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