Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cave of Dream - Espace DbD, Los Angeles, October 18, 1986

About six months before this, I did my first performance in Los Angeles at a high brow art show.  I did a half hour WRAPPING ROCKING.  It got much praise, except for "it was a little too long "!  [I was doing forty eight hour private performances at the time!] So this time I did a six hour ritual performance [this was my first of these]!  Most of the cast had been in WRAPPING ROCKING because their teacher Rachel Rosenthal encouraged them to work with me.  So the nudity and eroticism was not a block to most of them.  We performed at Rachel's space.  I would have many of these people in my future work!

And I do believe that Barbara Smith came to this.  We two would do a private
performance together.
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