Friday, December 27, 2013

The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun, January 22, 2011

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

This one shows the possibilities of going all the way into sexy aroused fun when everybody takes personal responsibility for going all the way!

Well, the first performance of the year was the kind that would spoil me if I expected every performance or most performances to reach the depths of this one!  Everything went there!  In my performances there is an invisible hidden secret state of erotic friction of arousing human intimacy rubbing between bodies without limits or glamour.  Because it is invisible, you can not see it, only feel it.  For example,   we didn’t enter that state at the performance at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco last summer, even though that was very erotic, visual, communal, tribal, etc.  In fact, we last entered that state last February at Temescal.

The first couple to arrive actually set the tone, anchored /rooted the performance.  The guy, Bobby, did that just by being there.  Vicki turned out to be an actor.  Her reading /acting out my poems throughout opened the door into the holy madness.  Everything worked!  It was possible to do a lot of the rituals [GESTURES, ROCKING, DRESSING, PROJECTING SLIDES ON NUDE DANCERS, etc] that have either set upon the shelf or haven’t reached the depths of arousing unknowns for awhile.  And new rituals were introduced [UNDRESS THE CAMERAMAN, THE SIAMESE WAIST BANDS, TAKING /READING NOTES, etc].  There was just the right amount of resistance so that important issues could be explored, and to reveal that zones of comfort are silly and really prisons.  [I am imagining the shit about being a homophobe a straight guy would get if he gave the reasons for not wanting to undress the cameraman that the Lesbian gave!] But Amy and her friend stepped up and by being actively lustfully abandoned willing to play and trust, broke everything open for everybody.  And they did it as just fun, no big deal.  I liked exploring his butt!  Everything started floating into that juicy secret space as Amy started rocking on my lap, prickly freedom going all the way into both fusion and infusion of arousing magical pleasure erotic friction of comfort.  Tomek’s surreal music created waves connecting the holy dancers together as they [us] webbed and flowed into different combinations and forms and roles without limits or judgments.  Amy and her friend [he obviously hadn’t done anything like this before!] made it possible by simply trusting…  Trusting so deeply, they could reshape the dance without avoiding anything.  A whole band appeared at this point to join Tomek [they would disappear when the dance was over!]!  Things got hot and surreal, while staying simple and human.  Intimacy, closeness among everybody who stayed welded us into a cozy tribal body.  Our skin [the organ of connection] webbed all of us together as the rubbing went all the way deeper into calm pleasure, as Vicki threw herself on the floor and rocked and belted out the words of the poem.  I wish I could take credit for creating such a dramatic, erotic turn-on of an event.  But I just followed the possibilities that the willingness people brought to the space created.

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