Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Uncomfortable Zones of Fun, January 7, 2012

Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California.

I like challenges! But when they make this commitment to one another before coming to the performance: “they had actually agreed ahead of time that they would not take their clothes off at the performance”… Well, wonder why they came to something that they felt the need to make such a vow for! This even goes more for those who belong to the cult of shrinks who have signed a loyalty oath to the established order! Don’t get me wrong. I like their coming! I like challenges! But then when they get righteous, then complained about nothing much happened! And they said they came to give up control in order to get to spontaneity! And of course they blamed me for their experiencing nothing much happening. In reality a lot happened!. Hot musical duets… Undressing… Shyness faded! Of course there was much more that could have happened. I remained dressed! Need I say more? Going on a long trip without your husband to cure the boredom with him! Saying you are too tired to give yourself or to have fun! Saying WELL, YOU CAN GET INTIMACY OR WHATEVER WITHOUT NUDITY [remember, intimacy is the state of being together without boundaries or limits; so it is possible to have intimacy without nudity IF THERE IS A WILLINGNESS TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES… So if someone says WELL, YOU CAN GET INTIMACY WITHOUT NUDITY, that means that nudity is definitely needed if you want real intimacy].
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